Analytics Company, WealthEngine, Launches First Predictive Prospecting Platform

Entirely new, cloud-native architecture fueled by Engagement Science™ will change how organizations personalize campaigns and nurture prospects.

BETHESDA, MD – June 4, 2019 – Today WealthEngine announced the launch of the industry’s first predictive prospecting platform, WealthEngine 9 (WE9). With this launch, the company leaps beyond the business of providing wealth data to its more than 3,500 customers and becomes the only analytics company to provide wealth affinity scoring based on propensity, capacity, and intent.

“Segmenting who you precisely want to go after is a difficult problem today,” says WealthEngine CEO, PV Boccasam. “You can’t personalize or prioritize your message if you don’t intimately know your audience. Everyone else is focusing on what a person has while we have created a platform based on signals that reveal the why which we call Engagement ScienceTM.”

Coming to market with an entirely new cloud-native architecture, the WE9 platform consumes trillions of points of data to create more than 250 million pre-scored profiles giving you the ability to model, analyze, engage and take action with your next best prospect. Easily accessible through an API, WE9 enables real-time, compliant wealth screening within any customer relationship or donor management systems of record.

“I switched our business to WealthEngine because I realized they were ahead of the game in knowing how to make the data meaningful to their customers,” says Greg Workman, Director of Finance and Operations at Spectrum Health Foundation & Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation. “WE9 is going to make us even more efficient and effective while helping us connect with the right people at the right time.”

With this release, the company is also revising pricing to a flexible, credit-based model to optimize clients’ ability to use any of the available WE9 applications and services needed to drive their business objectives. Annual subscription clients will have access to the entire platform, with continuously refreshed data sets, and all the applications that were previously sold separately such as Analyze, Modeling, Prospect, APIs, and Connectors.

“Our models now enable us to identify a person’s propensity to donate or spend,” says Boccasam. “Interlinked with our customers’ data, WE9 has richer knowledge about their target audiences, so we can reveal their motivations. As a result of personalized engagement, our customers have seen increased lifetime value, improved campaign effectiveness and lowered
cost of acquisition.”

WealthEngine Engagement ScienceTM

As a predictive prospecting platform, WE9 enables its customers to do four critical things:

Discover insights faster than ever: Search, tag, filter, and favorite people as a way of keeping track of and prioritizing ideal donors and buyers. Through seamless access to more than 180 million US-based households and 250 million adults each with thousands of enriched attributes, discover the potential of ideal donors and buyers.

Segment with precision: Get granular with target audiences by digging deep into relevant wealth, and crucial lifestyle signals that provide insight into what motivates prospects to engage. By proactively nurturing prospects and existing donors and customers, insights are activated through personalized campaigns.

Prioritize top targets: Once ideal targets are identified, WE9 can uncover the next best donors and buyers, with automated models to find new prospects who share similar wealth and lifestyle signals. Take control of multi-channel campaigns, predict who is most likely to engage next and prioritize resources accordingly.

Activate your audience: WE9 insights go beyond wealth with more than 1800 wealth and lifestyle signals to reveal what motivates ideal prospects to take action, or existing donors to give more. By knowing what moves them, campaigns can be personalized in order to drive lasting, measurable engagement.

About WealthEngine

WealthEngine has been supporting more than 3500 industry-leading financial services, higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, and high-end retail and hospitality organizations in capturing hundreds of millions of dollars for more than 20 years. Fueled by our wealth and lifestyle signals, our customers measurably improve their personalization and effectiveness across fundraising, capital campaigns, marketing, and overall engagement with their audience.

Rooted in machine learning, with a cloud-native architecture, WealthEngine 9 platform boasts an entirely new user experience to provide wealth, demographic and lifestyle signals that come together to formulate powerful scores, available in real-time. Underpinned by the company’s Engagement ScienceTM, WE9 targets, segments, and models prospects continually so customers will know what motivates their audience to save, buy or donate.

WealthEngine is hosting it’s second annual WE Prosper Summit, October 1, 2019, at the famed interactive Newseum in Washington, DC. The company is an active participant in Pledge 1%, regularly giving back to the community it serves through time, product and donations. Based in Bethesda, the company has offices throughout the US. Learn more at


Who needs donor research tools?

Forging lasting connections with donors is a cornerstone of working in Development. The best way cultivate strong relationships with them? Understanding more about your donors’ interests and giving history. By leveraging the use of donor research tools such as WealthEngine, you can access donor information in one easy and accessible place. This can help you optimize your outreach and forge relationships that last.

To explore the benefits of donor research tools, read this article, “Who Needs Donor Research Tools,” published in Philanthropy Daily by Elizabeth Palla.

WealthEngine Releases First Annual Millennial Wealth Report

BETHESDA, MD, May 29, 2019 — Today, WealthEngine’s Research Lab published its inaugural Millennial Wealth Report revealing that this largest and most diverse generation will inherit $68 trillion in “the Great Wealth Transfer.” The 2019 Millennial Wealth Report dives deep into the demographics of the millennial population, as well as social and economic trends that influence how this unique group spends and gives its money.

“Everyone wants to understand and connect with millennials,” says Raj Khera, EVP of Customer Growth. “I see the power they have as consumers and as major influencers in the market. And yet, their complete wealth picture is complicated since much of the assets they draw from are really in their parents’ names. It’s a fascinating challenge to tackle.”

The 2019 Millennial Wealth Report is a publicly available document and contains information regarding how millennials differ from their generational predecessors, how these differences inform their decision making and how they’ll approach the money they receive in the Great Transfer of Wealth. The information gathered in this general report is represented graphically and will be elaborated on in industry-specific millennial reports that will be available soon.

The report goes on to say that when these millennials receive this transfer of wealth, they will hold five times as much as wealth as they have today, by the year 2030. With their increased buying power, millennials are expected to influence the ways nonprofit and for-profit organizations function, and how they deploy personalized and wealth-aware campaigns.

As the largest and most diverse generation in the United States, surpassing baby boomers, millennials are spreading throughout the United States. Although most millennials predominantly reside in major cities, millennial millionaires primarily live in suburban areas such as Potomac, Maryland and Cupertino, California.

“Millennials expect to make an impact,” says Khera. “They spend with companies that align with their interests and they give carefully to causes. The companies who can make personal and meaningful connections with this coveted demographic will win the marketing game.”

About WealthEngine: WealthEngine works with more than 3000 industry-leading financial services, higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, and high-end hospitality organizations to deeply understand their current and prospective donors and customers. Our cloud-based prospect engagement platform contains WE Profiles for 250M adults in the U.S., enriched with demographics, lifestyle and affinity, charitable/political giving history, real-estate and other wealth signals. WealthEngine also is an ardent supporter of its local community and a member of the 1% Pledge movement. To learn more visit:

Contact: Raj Khera, EVP Customer Growth,, 240-270-1859


LinkedIn Donor Prospects Older, Better Educated


When you hear the phrase “social network,” your first thought might be seeing another “Which character in Game of Thrones are you?” personality test that another friend has shared on Facebook. Add the word “professional” in front of “social network” and it might change your perspective completely.

Facebook and Twitter have their uses for nonprofits and so does LinkedIn, but in a much different way. LinkedIn provides more concise information — without all the personal stuff. People are likely to post their business and school information on LinkedIn — things that are helpful to research and fundraising folks making it a better option for prospect research.

During a session at Fundraising Day New York at the Marriott Marquis in Midtown Manhattan this morning, development prospect research analyst Qaya Thompson shared how LinkedIn is used at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Joining Thompson on the panel were Sally Boucher, CFRE, director of research at WealthEngine and Jeremy Woolf, director of marketing at CCS.

Yale-New Haven Hospital uses LinkedIn for research, to verify name, school information, employment/title and interests. Although LinkedIn users often provide a lot of information, Thompson said it’s important to always cross-reference what’s listed with at least two other sources. Sometimes things are out of date and people are not completely honest.

LinkedIn has more than 100 million U.S. members, 300 million in all, and they tend to skew older, have higher incomes and are better educated than other social networks. The average LinkedIn user is 44.2 years old and 79 percent are 39 or older. They have twice the purchasing power of the average U.S. consumer, with an average household income of $83,000, far more than Facebook ($25,000) and Twitter ($52,000). Almost half of LinkedIn users have incomes of more than $100,000.

The free version of LinkedIn allows you to view in depth profiles, identify board members and search based on nonprofit interests. LinkedIn Premium, which has a monthly fee, helps with running more advanced searches that include groups, years of experience, seniority level, and company size, among other variables.

Woolf offered three “best practices” for nonprofits before they leap onto LinkedIn:

  • Right-size your expectations
  • Have a plan to use the information
  • Have a place to import data – like company name, title, URL and industry – to in your CRM or DMA

When it comes to connecting, he suggested asking connections for an off-line introduction. As part of the follow-up from a meeting, personalize a request to connect via LinkedIn and ask connection if they would serve as a connector to their network.

Panelists offered a number of tips to consider when exploring LinkedIn for fundraising and prospect research:

  • Know your privacy settings;
  • Use LinkedIn as a first resource for verifying employment, title or company;
  • Use LinkedIn as a resource for finding or verifying professional and school connections;
  • Use LinkedIn for finding “nice to know” information for profiles and conversation starters;
  • Use LinkedIn for donor insights, and
  • Follow accepted ethical guidelines.

Read the full article on TheNonProfitTimes website »

Did you Know? 100% of Millionaires live on Our Earth.

Today, WeathEngine celebrates Earth Day by holding high one of our customers who is nourishing our planet and building passionate engagement.

Nourishing the earth starts with cultivating community. At the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, they believe gardening can strengthen communities by increasing access to fresh food, fostering healthy living environments, and developing deeper social connections.

Although they’ve been able to foster a community, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society wanted to strengthen attendance at their events and reach prospective donors who would be invested in giving to their cause.

We helped them upload their inner circle and conduct advanced searches on new individuals. As a result, they can identify matches, gauge the propensity and capacity to give, and set up a peer-to-peer ask. They’ve also been able to immediately screen for 100 individuals who had attended their fundraiser in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, to identify additional inner circle matches. This allowed them to get a better idea of who attended their event, and create a strategy to follow up with those individuals, and engage them further.

By leveraging wealth and lifestyle insights, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has the power to foster a community that isn’t just engaged but is passionate about preserving the earth and their community.

Watch how the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is using WealthEngine in Action. 


WealthEngine Exceeds Financial Metrics, Launches WE Insights— Momentum builds around data-driven predictive prospecting

BETHESDA, MD, April 16, 2019— WealthEngine announced it closed the first quarter of 2019 ahead of expectations in revenue, up-sell to existing customers and acquisition of new clients across all of its core segments. Buoyed by the success, WealthEngine Chairman, Bobby Yazdani commented, “The team’s success in Q1 demonstrates that we made the right level of investments in people, product and process efficiencies and we are well positioned to continue our growth trajectory for rest of the year.”

Apart from exceeding financial targets, WealthEngine launched WE Insights, an industry-leading approach to revealing deeper level results from our platform combined with client data. “Working hand-in-hand with clients, our analytics and learning models deepen and broaden wealth and lifestyle insights in new and powerful ways,” says PV Boccasam, CEO of WealthEngine.

WealthEngine also launched a new version of its Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) app within the AppExchange providing new enhanced compatibility with both the Financial Services Cloud as well as Salesforce’s Shield Encryption. “Salesforce is one of our strategic partners and points of integration,” continued Boccasam. “Our Customers can now have a seamless solution for secure, compliant, and a highly personalized engagement with their constituents.”

All of these announcements are leading to the company’s release of WealthEngine v9 this quarter, promising a completely new cloud-native architecture that Boccasam says will forever change how companies engage prospects. Boccasam also had one final preview, “We have decided to add in-person days to our second annual WE Prosper Summit this year in addition to our wildly successful online summit.” The first in-person user conference will be Tuesday, October 1st in DC at the experiential Newseum with details and speakers to be announced soon.

About WealthEngine: WealthEngine works with more than 3,200 industry-leading financial services, higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, and high-end hospitality organizations to deeply understand their current and prospective donors and customers.  Our cloud-native prospect engagement platform contains WE Profiles for more than 250M adults in the U.S., enriched with demographics, lifestyle and affinity, charitable/political giving history, real-estate and other wealth signals. WealthEngine also is an ardent supporter of its local community and a member of the 1% Pledge movement. To learn more visit:


CIBC Innovation Banking provides $6.5 million expansion capital to wealth management analytics company WealthEngine, Inc.

BETHESDA, MDMarch 4, 2019 /CNW/ – WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics and audience development services, announced it has entered into a credit financing agreement for $6.5 million in growth capital from CIBC Innovation Banking.

With this new funding WealthEngine will continue to expand its offering of innovative analytics tools, enabling companies in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to access powerful insights to target, segment and engage with their customers and donors.

“The combined growth capital and working capital provided by CIBC Innovation Banking will help us continue to scale our company and to introduce new solutions to the global wealth management and fundraising industries,” said PV Boccasam, CEO, WealthEngine Inc.

“We are excited to work with WealthEngine as we deploy creative financing solutions to help further accelerate the company’s growth,” said Paul Gibson, Managing Director, CIBC Innovation Banking, Virginia. “WealthEngine’s unique analytics platform offers tremendous value for the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and we look forward to working with this innovative, rapidly growing organization.”

WealthEngine’s investors include Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Signatures Capital and Streamlined Ventures.

CIBC Innovation Banking delivers strategic advice and funding to North American technology and innovation clients at each stage of their business cycle, from start up to IPO and beyond. The team has extensive experience and a strong, collaborative approach that extends across CIBC’s commercial banking and capital markets businesses in Canada and the U.S.

About WealthEngine

WealthEngine works with more than 3,000 industry leading financial services, higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, and high-end hospitality organizations to deeply understand their current and prospective donors and customers. Our cloud-based prospect engagement platform contains WE Profiles for 250M adults in the U.S., enriched with demographics, lifestyle and affinity, charitable/political giving history, real-estate and other wealth signals. WealthEngine also is an ardent supporter of its local community and a member of the 1% Pledge movement. To learn more visit

SOURCE WealthEngine

For further information: Julie Bacon, VP Marketing, WealthEngine, 703.629.4854,

WealthEngine Levels Up in 2019 – Announces Next Generation Product Release, Completes Hires To Their Executive Leadership Team

The leader in fueling wealth-aware campaigns makes a major leap forward
into data-driven digital activation of audiences

Bethesda, MD: WealthEngine today announced during Liveramp’s RAMPUP 2019, that it has rounded out their executive leadership team and set the stage to achieve rapid growth in 2019. Within a strong, profitable year in 2018, involving a highly successful WE Prosper customer and partner Summit, and growth within their more than 3000 active customers, the company also added more than 700 new customers across financial services, education, healthcare, advocacy and faith-based and leading arts & culture organizations in 2018.

The upcoming WealthEngine 9.0 release transforms how both nonprofit and for-profit organizations can incorporate unique wealth signals into finding, segmenting, nurturing and activating their prospective audiences. “It’s the industry’s first Prospect Engagement Platform in the market, filling the analytical void between CRM systems and marketing campaign management engines,” says WealthEngine CEO, PV Boccasam. “For the first time, our customers will be able to be both predictive and personalized in their approach to prospecting. It will set a new standard for how data science and analytics are used ethically for doing good while enhancing the mission of corporations.”

WealthEngine revealed an early preview of WealthEngine 9.0 at the LiveRamp’s RAMPUP 2019 conference to a select group of customers, sharing its latest cloud-based offering. The predictive prospecting platform uses advanced machine learning models to curate high-fidelity wealth signals across hundreds of data sources to nurture and lead-score potential prospects. These API-enabled wealth signals can now be activated directly into omnichannel campaigns with integrations into DMP systems such as LiveRamp (NASDAQ: RAMP). By having a single, secure, integrated platform that incorporates the complete lifecycle of prospecting – from searching, screening, scoring, segmenting, and precision targeting and activation of audiences – the industry now has a unique way to test-learn-measure their campaign outcomes. Unlike data enrichment platforms, WealthEngine enables complete control and governance of both the customer’s and their client’s data preferences, providing command over personalization and solicitation of prospects.

WealthEngine is also excited to announce its new wealth screening service offering, WE Insights. It’s a complete package of data cleansing, data enrichment and data analysis services for clients. “Our team of customer engagement managers will now leverage our secure platform to deliver next-generation wealth screening services,” says Prag Shah, President. “With in-built machine-learnt models like capital campaigns, grateful patient, next-best-prospect, look-alikes, etc., our customers will have renewed intimacy with their customers and prospects.”

The company also invested in its infrastructure and people, including establishing an India-based innovation team, thereby more than tripling the investment in product and customer success. “Being a profitable, growing company allows us to make continued investments in our customers by investing in our product and our people,” says Bob Latchford, the company’s recently appointed CFO.  “I’m excited about the value our clients will see as a result of our new outcomes-based approach and simple pricing and packaging for clients for every size.” In addition, the company appointed experienced industry executives Matt Melnick, to SVP of Sales, Raj Khera to EVP of Customer Growth, and Prashant Nerkar as VP of Engineering.

About WealthEngine: WealthEngine works with more than 3000 industry-leading financial services, higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, and high-end hospitality organizations to deeply understand their current and prospective donors and customers.  Our cloud-based prospect engagement platform contains WE Profiles for 250M adults in the U.S., enriched with demographics, lifestyle and affinity, charitable/political giving history, real-estate and other wealth signals. WealthEngine also is an ardent supporter of its local community and a member of the 1% Pledge movement. To learn more visit:


Rich in Love: Finding Wealthy Singles

They’re single and ready to mingle! Introducing our breakdown of the United State’s most eligible, wealthy singles. Learn all about their interests, where they live, what they do, and much more. With WealthEngine’s wealth and lifestyle insights, you can easily search, screen, model, score, and segment to connect and engage with the best prospective donors and customers.

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