Introducing Altrata

Euromoney People Intelligence, a divisional pillar of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, rebrands its business as Altrata, a global partner delivering data and intelligence on the most impactful people to their clients’ success.

In 2018, Euromoney began an acquisition strategy creating a market leader in people intelligence data that has grown to include 5 distinct products: BoardEx, Boardroom Insiders, RelSci, WealthEngine, and Wealth-X. With the combined data sets and workflow focused delivery options, Altrata is built to deliver more value to clients at scale, creating a new data powerhouse in the market.

Altrata boasts impressive coverage, including:

  • More than 100 million profiles on global decision makers, business leaders, and wealthy individuals
  • Billions of professional connections throughout mid to large sized private and public organizations
  • More than 7 million known associates and connections of high-wealth decision makers
  • Over 4 million company profiles powering ESG reporting, corporate governance, and diversity stats

“Bringing five unique businesses together, all of which are focused on the world’s most influential individuals, has allowed us to kickstart new innovative ways to deliver insight to clients” says James Lavell, CEO of Altrata. “In-depth data sets, integrated delivery channels, and machine learning capabilities all with a single focus on one ultimate solution that can be customized to our clients’ workflow is now possible under Altrata.”

The business has already delivered success.  In April, Lavell presented recent results at Euromoney’s Investor and Analyst Teach-In including a rising 93% net renewal rate for its growing roster of 3,300 clients. Ninety-six percent of the Altrata business is subscription based recurring revenue and its book of business has seen double digit growth for the past few years.

Lavell explains, “bringing together our unique data and capabilities into a single platform, business and brand will enhance our existing products, allow continued innovation to drive value to clients, and deliver upon the next phase of our growth journey.”

“We are working together to make Altrata an incredible place to work for all of our staff. Our culture reflects our brand values and is inclusive, diverse, and flexible to ensure all of our employees are valued and appreciated,” says Lori Kohn, Altrata’s Chief Human Resources Officer.  “We are always growing our team and always hiring the very best people to achieve our goals.”

The company is hiring top talent in all regions and provides flexible working options, competitive compensation, and exciting career opportunities.  Open roles can be found at

Altrata teams are based in seven different countries and will continue to grow to support the new strategic vision.  Lavell and the rest of the Altrata leadership team have set an ambitious agenda and are building a business that can deliver on innovative priorities and fast-moving targets.

About Altrata

Altrata is a global leader in people intelligence.  It includes more than 100 million profiles on wealthy individuals around the world and more than 12 million profiles on senior decision makers, board members and c-suite leaders.  Altrata provides intelligence on the people who are most impactful to our clients’ success.

Advanced integration solutions allow deeper insights and access to billions of connections helping clients close more deals, manage risk, and identify up and coming talent quickly.  Our data is actionable, accurate, and comprehensive.  Powered by a global team of more than 400 researchers who are committed to maintaining millions of profiles and changing data points, so you can effectively engage and make meaningful, lasting connections.

Altrata™ is a registered trademark of the Euromoney Group comprised of five distinct offerings: BoardExBoardroom InsidersRelSciWealthEngine, and Wealth-X.

Giving Day Ideas for Your Fundraising Event


Part of your group’s Giving Day planning should include some activities that create enthusiasm for your fundraiser. Different Giving Day ideas can help put your organization in the spotlight with donors and the media. All that attention can lead to having even more people excited about your cause — and contributing!

What kinds of Giving Day ideas can you implement to increase your chances of success? There are many ideas that could possibly fit in with your fundraiser. It’s a matter of determining which unique activities would most appeal to your target donors. Giving Day ideas are limited only by your imagination, along with your time and budget.

Giving Tuesday Toolkit

WealthEngine’s Giving Tuesday Toolkit can provide you with more information on how to prepare for your Giving Day Event.

Giving Day Campaigns to Build Support

There are plenty of Giving Day ideas that can be part of your fundraiser. Some are more tried and true. Others are a little, well, off the wall, and may not work as well for your group. Then again, you may be surprised. Keep in mind that millennials tend to be generous donors when drawn to your cause. They also like to be part of the activities. So if you can, give them a way to get directly involved. In any case, whatever you can do to build excitement can only help energize your fundraising efforts.

To get you started, here are some Giving Day ideas for campaigns.

Peer-to-peer campaign

A peer-to-peer campaign relies on tapping into personal networks for higher total donations. A $500 personal donation? Maybe not. But how about asking five friends for $100 apiece? Classy, a creator of fundraising software for nonprofits, found the median, nonrecurring donation is $50. Peer-to-peer one-time donations are higher, with the median at $105. And your message will also become known by more people.

Game of Tag

This Giving Day idea is intended to grow your donor list even more than gain donations. Here’s where you typically ask for a smaller donation, such as $10 or even $5. The key here is the second “ask.” Have each donor tag a specific number of people to donate the same amount. Say the amount is $10, and you’re asking them to tag four or five of their friends, family or coworkers via personal social media. Everyone who gets tagged must match the first gift to your campaign. (Who would turn down a $10 request from a friend?) Then those people tag four or five more people, and so on. You get the idea.

Giving Day competition

If your group has chapters, departments or teams, you can benefit from a friendly Giving Day competition. For those who bring in the most contributions, award them more than just bragging rights. How about a small prize? Lunch for everyone in the department? A pair of movie tickets for each person? You’ll find something appropriate.

Performance challenge

Get your donors excited about your Giving Day fundraiser when you reach certain milestones. How about having someone perform an unusual activity. What kind of performance might your audience pay to see? Would your donors like to watch as the head of your organization splashes into a dunk tank? Or maybe a local celebrity could perform some kind of activity? Then record those moments and share them online.

Donor incentives

A variety of incentives can help motivate donors to give more. Matching funds are a great way to build excitement and encourage donations. You can either match funds according to a dollar amount (the first $100,000) or a time period (from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.). Ideally, you’ll be able to get multiple sponsors to provide matching funds. And who wouldn’t want to contribute if their dollars are doubled?

You can also “award” merchandise. Here again, the type of prizes you offer is unlimited. But make it something your donors will actually want or use. This way, they’ll keep the item and be reminded of your group. Even a logo coffee mug could fit the bill.

 Silent auction

Silent auctions can work well for many types of fundraisers. If you can secure unique items and even experiences (as in a travel package), better yet. You’ll be offering donors an opportunity to support your cause and receive some cool merchandise. Here it’s all about creating a bidding war.

Live event

Plan a live event or two to coordinate with your Giving Day. Make it entertaining. Special events can range from a carnival to a Vegas night. And get sponsors to help pay for associated costs.

Put Some Fun in Your Fundraising

Here are some Giving Day ideas more specific to different types of groups. See if there’s one (or more) that will work for you.

Higher Education Giving Days

Branded merchandise

Stir up alumni spirit. Graduates of colleges and universities typically feel a great sense of pride in their alma mater.  Offer T-shirts, coffee mugs and tote bags as an incentive for donors at a certain donation level.

Free tickets

Does your institution have a theatre company or host sporting events? Encourage higher donations in exchange for complimentary tickets.

Buy a brick

Is your institution planning any new construction? Give donors a chance to “buy a brick” for a building, walkway, or whatever structure is in the works. You can also sell the bricks from a historic, razed building.

Campus Giving Day events

Coordinate campus Giving Day events for those who are local. Event ideas should be fun stuff, such as a scavenger hunt or concert. Or how about a more formal, black-tie dinner?

How successful are higher education Giving Days? A Giving Day shared by Cornell, North Carolina State, Purdue, and Notre Dame raised over $60 million in spring 2019. In 2018, Cornell’s Giving Day activities set records by bringing in nearly $8 million in 24 hours.

Healthcare Giving Days

Health-related performance challenge

If you’re in the healthcare business, why not set up some type of a health-related challenge. It could be based on the amount of funds donated. Would a recognized person in your organization be willing to do pushups? Jump rope? Or how about a local celebrity?

Pledge event

A walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or fun run would be an appropriate event for a healthcare organization. This is where donors “sponsor” participants in the main event, which would take place on Giving Day.

Donation fever

Take the “temperature” of your fundraiser. Show your donation progress visually with some type of thermometer. It’s healthcare, right? Encourage donors to turn up the heat.

Share progress reports by video and on social media so donors can catch your enthusiasm.

Advocacy Giving Days

Sales for the day

Partner with local businesses for a portion of their sales on your Giving Day. A restaurant could share 25 percent of the day’s receipts. Or it could be 10 percent of fuel purchases at a local gas station from noon to 5 p.m. Whatever it is, get the local business community involved and share their offer online. In return, they may get new customers as well.

Themed party

A themed fundraising event can be especially fun. The theme can even relate directly to your cause, such as an animal-themed event if you’re an animal rights group. Or an international cuisine sampling to call attention to hunger.

Success stories

Prepare special videos to run online that highlight those who have benefited from your organization. Have animals been rescued? Have teens assisted seniors? Has a new program helped homeless people get back on their feet? Tell those stories.

Whether you’re advocating for literacy, the elderly, policy changes, or some other issue, incorporate special Giving Day ideas. Tug on the heartstrings and wallets of your donors.

Get Creative for a Bigger Payoff

Giving Day fundraising primarily takes place online. Yet implementing creative Giving Day ideas can get supporters even more involved with your fundraiser and increase donations. And even local activities can be shared visually with those online.

It’s important to engage your donors on an emotional level whenever you can. Make them feel like they’re a part of your fundraiser and inspire them to take action. Beyond monetary donations, Giving Day ideas are designed to raise awareness of your mission.

WealthEngine can help you prepare for your Giving Day activities. Analyzing data related to the interests of your donors can assist you in determining which Giving Day ideas would have the widest appeal.

Our Giving Day Series

This is the fourth article in our Giving Day series. You can read more about Giving Day best practices in our first three articles on 8 Reasons to Hold a Nonprofit Giving DayGiving Tuesday vs. Giving Day: Which Fundraising Day Best Suits Your Needs? and How to Leverage Giving Days for Your Nonprofit Fundraising.

How to Leverage Giving Days for Nonprofit Fundraising

Hosting a Giving Day fundraiser is a major undertaking for any organization. Such an event typically requires a good deal of planning and coordination to ensure success. What if you could get people besides your staff to help you with your mission? Gain even more publicity and increase donations? And maximize your results far beyond your Giving Day?  Well, you can by optimizing your strategy for hosting a giving day for nonprofit fundraising.

You’ve probably heard the saying “work smarter, not harder”? That’s what optimization is all about, whether you’re moving a heavy object or organizing Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising.  Recruiting other people to help you get the word out is just a start. There are optimization strategies that can pay off far beyond your Giving Day event.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Giving Days for Nonprofit Fundraising

Optimizing your Giving Day fundraising strategies will allow you to reach more people and increase your donations. Long-term, such strategies can also help you build your donor list.  Optimized Giving Day activities generally can be divided into the following three categories.

Increase visibility

Gain as much exposure as possible for your nonprofit. These actions will inform your current supporters about your Giving Day. By increasing your visibility will also help you get the attention of more new donors.

Target ideal donors

Who are your ideal donors? Data analysis and modeling can help you segment and reach out to those who best match your demographic criteria. Increase your results with less effort.

Grow your supporter list

Use Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising as future leverage. Your Giving Day can be the start of campaigns that nurture your current supporters and grow your list.

The First Steps for Executing a Successful Giving Day

There are numerous ways you can gain more traction on your fundraising efforts by “working smarter.” The first part of optimizing your fundraising efforts revolve around your big event — holding a Giving Day for your organization. Here are some strategies you can implement to maximize your results on Giving Day.

Plan your event

All successful fundraising efforts begin with planning, and Giving Day is no different. How can you optimize your planning? For one, set Giving Day goals. How much money does your group want to raise? Is $10,000 realistic, $50,000, or more? How many donors would you like to have contribute? How many new donors would you like to add to your list? Having a target will drive your supporting actions. It can also help generate excitement when you reach milestones along the way.

You can also strategically control the time allowed for making donations. Some organizations extend their Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising beyond 24 hours. They continue “Giving Day” activities for a week or more to allow everyone the opportunity to donate.

Partner with others

How can your staff multiply their efforts to raise more funds? The answer is to get as many people as possible involved. Community and civic foundations typically support their member nonprofits, in addition to their surrounding communities. Sign on with a partner, if you can.

According to GiveGab, peer-to-peer fundraising can be a powerful way to raise funds. They found organizations using this strategy raised 300% more on Giving Day than those that did not.  Does your organization have chapters, affiliates or departments? That’s one example of peer-to-peer fundraising ideas. Create some friendly competition. You can also offer some small prizes. And in this case, your organization is the biggest winner.

Recruit ambassadors to help promote your Giving Day event. They can be people both in and outside your organization. It’s even better if they’re connected with a significant social media community. Make sure you’ve armed them with training and fundraising tools.

Here’s an interesting way to partner with your current contributors. Ask your donors for a small contribution, with one caveat: request they recruit their friends to contribute. For instance, ask for just a $10 donation. But also ask that they contact five people they know to also contribute $10. This way, you’ll pick up five new donors.

Provide incentives

A donor incentive is another way you can optimize your fundraising. Approach corporations and major donors to put up matching funds. Who wouldn’t be more willing to donate if their contributions are doubled? How about rewarding donors of a certain dollar amount with merchandise? Even a coffee mug or tote bag with your logo can be a nice thank you. It will also keep your group in sight and mind.

Promote through multiple channels

Create a comprehensive communications plan. Get your promotional message out across as many channels as possible. Send texts, emails and videos that inspire action. Social media posts will ensure donors of all ages are aware of your event. Encourage sharing of your content. And whenever posting online, always include a link to your giving forms.

Include fun activities

There are all kinds of activities you can organize as part of your Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising campaigns. They can be as simple as dumping a bucket of water on an administrator in your organization when you reach your goal. Or as complex as hosting an on-site carnival or scavenger hunt in the community. Whatever activities you choose, appeal to the widest audience for more attention.

Make it easy to give

How are you accepting donations? Are donors able to contribute through your website? Can they access donation forms via cell phone? Consider the preferences of your most frequent donors. Give them options that make donating easy.

Giving Tuesday Toolkit

WealthEngine’s Giving Tuesday Toolkit can provide you with more information on how to prepare for your Giving Day Event.

Implementing a Giving Day Donor Strategy

The second way to optimize your fundraising comes from knowing your donors. These are the people currently supporting your organization. Then you can use the information you discover to better target your prospects.

Segment your current donors

Donor screening allows you to pick up on key donor attributes. Those attributes can include wealth, income, lifestyle and affinity. Wealth models can help you optimize your time and effort by focusing on the best prospects for your organization. A wealth model is a statistical model used to identify common traits among your donors. Utilizing these data points will help you group your donors according to key characteristics important to your organization. Segment your donors and create personalized communications more likely to get attention.

Identify upgrade donors (to sustainers, mid-level, major and planned givers)

Who in your database has the potential to give more to your cause? Which donors could become sustainers, increase their dollar amount, or make major contributions? Data analysis can identify your current best donors. Wealth screening and modeling can also show you who has the most upgrade potential as a donor. Then you can target those donors and determine how to best appeal to them for increased support.

“At its core, building donor relationships, and major donor relationships especially, is about getting to know supporters.” That concept will become increasingly important as more millennials gain wealth. Millennials, in particular, are generous when it comes to causes they value. But they also like to get more directly involved. Speak to their interests and what they find valuable.

Acquire new donors

Use the information you gain through your data analysis and wealth model to target new donors. See how their traits compare with your best donors. These are the people most likely to support your organization. Concentrating your effort on this group should yield better results, reducing your cost and time for acquisition.

Create giving levels

Use an individual’s wealth data and giving history to ask for a specific, suggested donation amount during your fundraising. That includes presenting suggested donation amounts on any written forms you may send. Most of the top 100 nonprofits suggest four to five donation amounts, along with an option to enter a custom amount.

A technique called “anchoring” can also be used to leverage donation amounts. In one experiment, participants were asked if they could contribute a specific dollar amount. The cause was to save offshore sea birds from an oil spill. When asked for a $5 donation, the average contribution was $20. However, when the ask was raised to $400, the average donation increased to $143. When there was no suggestion, the average donation was $64.

You can take this optimization strategy a step further. Help donors visualize the impact their donations will make. For example, how many days of groceries will a specific donation buy? How many children will get a hot lunch? Or how many bags of dog food can be purchased? Donors who can see the actual value of their donations may give more.

According to, donors who contribute on Giving Day are more likely to donate again before your next Giving Day. Nurture your relationships with current donors. And work on turning new Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising donors into ongoing contributors.

3 Things to Remember Post-Giving Day

Fundraising is not just about Giving Day, it’s so much more.  You may host a Giving Day event only once a year, but the benefits can continue all year long. Develop a strategy to leverage contact with all of your donors and increase your fundraising success.

Thank your contributors

Be sure to acknowledge  all of your supporters promptly. Whether they donated time or money , let them know their contribution is appreciated. This is your first step in staying in touch. Also consider sending out a thank-you message through all of your communication channels to the community. Be sure to share the results of your Giving Day.

Continue your follow-up

To turn your first-time contributors into long-term donors, you need to look beyond wealth indicators. This is where you need to gain insight into who they are and the reason they donated in the first place).  Figuring out their “why” will help you create more personalized communications that encourage them to become regular supporters.

Too often staff members don’t continue to engage with their new contributors. That’s a mistake. You lose a valuable opportunity by waiting too long until your next contact. Whether you’re connecting with regular contributors or your new donors, stay in touch.

Enhance your donor data

You’ll likely gain new insights about your donors though your Giving Day activities. Use those insights to better target donors in future fundraising efforts. Utilize this new information to grow your list of recurring donors. Leverage the right data in your communications to fully engage prospects and develop stronger donor relationships.

Don’t think of Giving Day as merely a one-time event. Instead, view your Giving Days for nonprofit fundraising as an integrated part of your fundraising efforts. Data analysis and modeling is essential for optimizing your time and dollars. It’s also what WealthEngine does best. Contact WealthEngine today to optimize your donor data.

Our Giving Day Series

This is the third article in our Giving Day series. You can read more about Giving Days for non-profit fundraising best practices in our first two articles on 8 Reasons to Hold a Nonprofit Giving Day and Giving Tuesday vs. Giving Day: Which Fundraising Day Best Suits Your Needs? Stay tuned for our last article on Giving Day Ideas for Your Fundraising Event.

WealthEngine Enhances SaaS Offerings With Data and Security Updates, Introduces Wealth-Based Market Potential Reports for Top US Metros

WealthEngine furthers its leadership in the wealth intelligence space and announced today the availability of its new Market Potential Reports for the top US metropolitan areas. These reports leverage the company’s regularly updated database on wealth insights with scores and ratings using publicly-available data for the entire adult population of the United States. These actionable insights provide nonprofits, higher educational institutions, financial firms, and high-end luxury marketers with a deeper understanding of opportunities to reach population segments based on estimated net worth, cash on hand, investable assets, business ownership, giving capacity and history, interests and passions, and propensity to invest, spend, and donate, and much more.

WealthEngine’s proprietary scores and insights incorporate 250 million profiles of the U.S. population from over 50 unique data sources, across thousands of attributes, which are now updated on a monthly basis in one comprehensive platform. These profiles are easily accessible, activated and aligned with API’s that can be embedded into any campaign workflow.

Rapid Market and Customer Segmentation

Clients can use WealthEngine’s Market Potential Reports to determine market size, segments to target, and go-to-market strategies. The metro-specific reports display hard-to-find metrics in clear, visual segments to help organizations identify expansion potential. When used in conjunction with WealthEngine’s continually expanding database and new product enhancements, clients can fast-track their path to finding and prioritizing prospects who have a high likelihood of becoming customers or donors. Sample use cases:

  • Identify millennials who show signs of emerging wealth
  • Spot potential liquidity events before they happen such as high net worth business owners based on age groupings
  • Model who is likely to inherit wealth like children of high net worth individuals
  • Find potential donors based on giving capacity, donation history, and interests
  • Pinpoint real estate investors such as people who own 3 or more local properties
  • Locate new investors based on cash-on-hand, stock holdings, and accredited investor status
  • Identify growing families in need of new financial products or bigger real estate
  • Nurture buyers of luxury goods based on spending patterns with insights such as aircraft or boat ownership

Market Potential Reports may be requested from WealthEngine’s website:

WealthEngine Data Platform and Security Enhancements

CEO and Executive Database Updates

WealthEngine released its newest SaaS platform update, version 9.4. This release refreshes WealthEngine’s rich database, which now boasts over 171 million philanthropic and charitable donation records with half a million records being added monthly. More so, this release updates 324,000 officers, directors, executives and CEO profiles to help clients reach wealthy upwardly-mobile prospects.

Clients use WealthEngine to gain wealth-related insights that help identify and segment their most promising opportunities, by uniquely scoring every individual. For nonprofits, identifying donors with a history of giving to related causes or who have had momentous “life events” is critical for their survival in a post-COVID fundraising environment. Identifying accredited investors with specific cash-on-hand or net worth tied to their real-estate property ownerships are also strong indicators of wealth. These insights often become the backbone that enables an organization to know more about their prospects and make informed decisions that propel client expansion.

“With in-person fundraising dramatically curtailed due to COVID, WealthEngine’s insights helped us target a select group for a virtual gala. We raised $25,000 in 60 minutes from 50 people,” said Mandi Fleiner, Director of Philanthropy & Communications, Northern Nevada HOPES.

Cloud Security Enhancements with SOC 2 Type II Certification

As part of WealthEngine’s ongoing activities in platform security, the company today also rolled out its latest security enhancement: multi-factor authentication (MFA). Using freely available authenticator apps, clients can now have an extra layer of security to login to their account, in addition to their username and password.

The additional protection layer is a unique code that a user enters after typing in their password. This code changes every 60-seconds and is available via numerous authenticator apps that can be installed on their mobile device. Using MFA significantly reduces the risk of an unauthorized party accessing a client’s account.

Another component of WealthEngine’s security offerings include end-to-end encryption of client files transmitted for processing. For years, WealthEngine has enabled secure file transfer protocol for encrypted file transmissions. This secure process encrypts both the transmission channel and the file, often referred to in security circles as the payload. After a secure key exchange with WealthEngine, clients can encrypt files before sending them over WealthEngine’s encrypted file submission network, essentially creating a dual-encrypted transfer of data from clients to WealthEngine.

Improved User Experience, Performance and Scalability

Finding accurate information quickly is now easier with improvements to WealthEngine’s user experience. The newly designed tagging, filtering and sorting features provide an easy way to segment donors or clients. When combined with industry’s only Donor Pyramid Modeler, available to nonprofits within WealthEngine’s platform, it creates an automated way to segment current and future donors and prospects.

“WealthEngine’s consistent and customer-first innovation cycles enable us to deliver on one major release every quarter,” says Elizabeth Schiffmann, Vice President of Product Management at the company. “This ability to quickly respond to the evolving needs of data-driven customers is transforming how fundraising and marketing are executed. I’m pleased with our attentive focus on security in this release by adding MFA. Our clients benefit from our leadership in providing innovative solutions that offer data security and leverage machine-learning for predictive analytics.”

Millions Of Identities Enriched and Continuously Updated

WealthEngine’s Open API provides access to WealthEngine’s proprietary wealth intelligence database using any donor management (DMS) or customer relationship management (CRM) system. The company supports over 30 different CRM/DMS systems through its connectors that are available for all licensed users of their platform.

WealthEngine continues to pioneer the industry’s most comprehensive set of wealth indicators that data hub consisting the entire US population. A data platform for advancing social good through its innovative Wealth Data Hub that is a comprehensive, publicly sourced data that is compliant with current regulatory statutes.

“Once you have your foundational data, then the layering of platforms like WealthEngine and their WealthScore™ tool becomes even more critical because now you know how to reach your customers, you know what their WealthScore™ is, and you can make your data so much more powerful. WealthScore™ is an important indicator of someone’s buying potential. It allows you to find the right customers,” said Michelle Tilton, Vice President of Marketing for Infutor.

The company also released its newest version of its Salesforce Connector of the Appexchange, which provides bidirectional updates of new data and modeled scores continuously. This includes WealthEngine’s proprietary WealthScore,™ a single number between 1-100 that takes into account a prospect’s net worth, capacity, propensity, affinity and intent, to help organizations prioritize their top prospects easily. All WealthEngine clients will receive a new link to install the updated version of this connector.

2020 WE Prosper – 3rd Annual Customer and Partner Summit

The company announced it’s third annual WE Prosper Summit, a two-day event held virtually this year on Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15, 2020. The WE Prosper Summit is a gathering of thought leaders from global causes and brands that will feature key industry speakers including: Rohit Bhargava, Founder & Chief Trend Curator of Non-Obvious Company, David Raab, Founder of CDP Institute, Amir Pasic, Dean of the IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Tom Ahern, President of Ahern Communications, Ink, and Dave Chase, Owner of Chase Solutions Inc.

The theme of this year’s WE Prosper Summit is Growing the Pyramid. Thought leaders, experts, partners and clients will discuss the latest trends they’re seeing and best practices in raising more, while spending less considering the current climate. To register for WE Prosper Summit 2020 you can visit

WealthEngine also announced the beta availability of its industry’s first mobile app, which will allow national searches and scores at the fingertips of fundraisers and marketers. This app will support both Apple iPhone and Android(r) users and be available to all customers in October 2020.

About WealthEngine

WealthEngine is the industry’s premier wealth intelligence software-as-a-service provider. The company has been supporting more than 3,000 marquee customers for over two decades. The company enables industry-leading higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, financial services, and high-end luxury brands and hospitality organizations in capturing and retaining tens of billions of dollars. Fueled by its proprietary wealth and lifestyle signals, WealthEngine customers measurably improve their personalization and effectiveness across fundraising, capital campaigns, marketing, segmentation and overall engagement with their audience.

Rooted in machine learning, with a cloud-native architecture, the WealthEngine 9.x platform boasts an entirely new user experience to provide wealth, demographic and lifestyle signals that come together to formulate powerful scores, WealthScores™ available in real-time. Underpinned by the company’s SmartAction™ technology, it pinpoints, predicts and helps personalize engagement with potential prospects. WealthEngine’s platform is the most convenient way to continually sense and respond to changing motivations for their audience to connect, invest, buy or donate.

WealthEngine is an active participant in Pledge 1%, regularly giving back to the community it serves through time, product and donations. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, the company has sales offices throughout the US and a wealth research and analytics team in India. Learn more at


WealthEngine 9.3 Automates Donor Segmentation and Charts the Next-Best Connections to Prospects

WealthEngine announced today the release of WealthEngine 9.3 (WE9.3), an upgrade to its nonprofit version of its flagship platform which now includes unlimited screening and prospecting for one flat rate. The advanced prospect engagement platform, which features the industry’s first machine-learning-based Donor Pyramid Modeler with SmartActionTM technology to identify their next best action and a visual layout of their best connections to new prospects. The new features use WealthEngine’s predictive analytics, continuously refreshed data, wealth and propensity scores, and actionable insights to help organizations achieve their fundraising goals faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

With over 165 million donor records in the WealthEngine platform and 500,000 new ones curated each week, users have access to the latest charitable, political and philanthropic giving information. Along with nearly a trillion additional data points, WealthEngine’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities curate predictive scores and models that help fundraisers to proactively identify their next-best action to drive more revenue.

Donor Pyramid Modeler – the fastest way to segmenting your donor base

The Donor Pyramid Modeler enables organizations to segment their donors into fundraising tiers instantly. Campaign managers and fundraisers simply enter their fundraising goal and optionally adjust their giving thresholds and conversion rates to create a What-If analysis, or use WealthEngine’s benchmark settings, to see how many prospects are needed for each tier. The tiers include Planned Givers, Annual Givers, Mid-Level Givers, etc. and are customized at each level. The Donor Pyramid Model algorithm can be applied to any list of donors automatically to see who belongs in each tier, giving users an instant snapshot of their fundraising potential from existing donors and a fast way to find prospects with the right profile to achieve their total fundraising goal.

WealthScore – easiest way to prioritize your most-likely prospects

Organizations can now save even more time, cost, and effort by using one single score from 1-100 that takes into account a prospect’s wealth, propensity, intent, affinity and more. Users can apply this score to their prospects as well as existing donors to make informed decisions that identify the most promising new opportunities as well as determine which donors have expansion potential.

Leslie VanSant, Chief Philanthropy Officer at Rainforest Trust, notes how WealthEngine plays a critical role in converting small initial donations into major gifts. “We invited people of a certain propensity to give on a trip. They went on the trip and enjoyed it so much that they came back and gave a 5-figure gift,” says VanSant. “That proved to me within weeks of purchasing WealthEngine that this was going to help us do our jobs.”

Visualization of Connections – shortest path to reach next-best donors

A new visual connections display allows users to chart the shortest path to prospects by seeing who is likely connected through personal, nonprofit board and professional relationships. This single-pane view of connections includes the predicted strength of those relationships so users can identify people they already know who can make warm introductions.

Future releases will integrate 1-click fundraising email templates where users can directly enable their best donors to facilitate these highly personalized connections. Customers have seen 3x-5x increase in engaging with lapsed donors, renewed memberships and increased the lifetime value of existing donors.

“With new donors from #GivingTuesdayNow and increased philanthropy in response to COVID-19, WealthEngine’s clients will be able to segment their donors in the proper giving tiers instantly to identify who the right prospects are for planned gifts, major gifts, mid-level gifts and annual donors,” said WealthEngine CEO PV Bocassam. “The Donor Pyramid Modeler does all of the calculations automatically, which saves our clients weeks of time and effort and pinpoints specific highly valued targets. Combined with the power of curated connections to their best donors, clients can now engage potential donors with a personal touch.”

Real-Time Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Integration – seamless bi-directional support

Evolving from WE9, this latest version of our platform easily integrates with Salesforce allowing WealthEngine to instantly append each new record added with their latest data, scores, and insights. The WealthEngine Insights for Salesforce certified app can be downloaded from the AppExchange and connected to a WealthEngine account quickly, allowing users to maintain their current fundraising and campaign workflow while enriching new and existing contacts with significantly improved scoring to help them prioritize outreach activities. Salesforce campaigns can also build and activate any predictive models, via our SmartActions™ API, directly from Salesforce.

Industry’s leading consultants and resellers who use WealthEngine’s data and models to provide informed recommendations to their clients can use the new Donor Pyramid Modeler and visual connections features to offer enhanced services that lead to more effective fundraising efforts.

“WealthEngine provides us with important data we need to develop smarter strategies for our clients’ fundraising efforts,” says Ian Swedish, Corporate Vice President at CCS Fundraising. “In particular, we find that the accessibility and quality of their wealth intelligence to be a leading solution in the marketplace. By integrating scores and ratings into our own tailored analytics work we are able to identify, segment and prioritize high potential prospects that are critical to attaining sustained fundraising growth.”

New Admin Module reintroduces “Per-User” Pricing – allows for easy user administration for large organizations

Among the many new features in WealthEngine 9.3 is the new pricing option which allows clients to screen and append all of their records for a flat price without incurring additional “per record” fees. The new pricing packages also include access to all 250M individual prospecting records each with over 1,800 attributes. This saves countless hours of time and reduces the cost to acquire a customer or donor dramatically, which is becoming ever more critical in today’s COVID-19 environment.

The platform currently ships with a pre-built “Look-Alike Model” and applies advanced machine-learning techniques to find their ideal prospects across all 180M households that fit that specific criteria. These models can also be user-defined on the platform or avail our WealthEngine’s Data Science services team to build custom models or scores that are specific to the organization needs. These pre-built library of models have a published API endpoint that can be called-back directly from any CRM/DMS application.

About WealthEngine

WealthEngine is the industry’s premier wealth intelligence software provider for more than two decades. We have been supporting more than 3000 industry-leading higher education, healthcare systems, advocacy, financial services, and high-end luxury brands and hospitality organizations in capturing and retaining tens of billions of dollars. Fueled by our wealth and lifestyle signals, our customers measurably improve their personalization and effectiveness across fundraising, capital campaigns, marketing, and overall engagement with their audience.

Rooted in machine learning, with a cloud-native architecture, the WealthEngine 9 platform boasts an entirely new user experience to provide wealth, demographic and lifestyle signals that come together to formulate powerful scores, available in real-time. Underpinned by the company’s SmartAction™ technology, pinpoints, predicts and helps personalize engagement with potential prospects. Unlike other point tools, our platform is the most convenient way to continually send and respond to changing motivations for their audience to connect, save, buy or donate.

The company is an active participant in Pledge 1%, regularly giving back to the community it serves through time, product and donations. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, the company has offices throughout the US and India. Learn more at