Fundraising through Modeling: Animal Rights Group Closes 7-Figure Donation

Fundraising through Modeling: Animal Rights Group Closes 7-Figure Donation

April 30, 2019
Sharanya Venkatesh

WealthEngine’s client is a global animal rights organization with 6.5 million members. About 13% of their member base actually consists of active donors. They found that while other members were aligned to their cause, there was hesitation to make actual donations.

Therefore, the organization made it their goal is to close the morality gap. This meant that they wanted a plan to convert their aspirational donors into actual donors.

Their consequent approach to development and advancement can be termed as Engagement Fundraising.

Engagement Fundraising includes assigning engagement scores to their member base and segmenting their base using ROI. They also conduct Donor Voice surveys where data from primary research is combined with screening data from WealthEngine. Screening data helps paint a holistic picture of their member base.

As part of their on-going engagement drive, the nonprofit conducts quarterly town halls. They report that these town halls have been great for conversion. Using a custom data model created by WealthEngine, the organization was able to efficiently move high net-worth prospects along on the donor journey model.

They could then create specific events for their list in cities where there is a high concentration of prospects.

The nonprofit’s prospect marketing automation is triggered by donor activity on its website. Automation categorizes their member base into new donors and legacy donors. New donors are batch screened so that their development team can understand their capacity, propensity, and intent.

Batch screening also helps the team understand the next best step. This step might not always be donation but generating awareness depending on where the donor is in their journey.

In four instances, WealthEngine was able to help convert donors or increase giving amounts.

1. Planned Giving

A survey revealed that a set of legacy donors would put the organization in their will. WealthEngine helped reveal that these donors were donating at the $500 level. Through WealthEngine solutions, the organization was able to identify 2500 such members who became prospects for planned giving.

2. Major Gifts

In another instance, WealthEngine’s custom major gift model helped the nonprofit close the morality gap. The model helped scan the organization’s donor base for major gift potential. As a result, 800 members with P2G 1 scores were converted into Vanguard Donors. 

3. 7-Figure, Multi-year Donation

The nonprofit was able to leverage WealthEngine’s P2G score to achieve a 7 figure major gift! They had a legacy donor by the name in their donor base who gave regularly gifts that ranged between $1000 and $5000 over the years. WealthEngine was able to identify her as a high-quality prospect for Major Gifts. The nonprofit then cultivated the relationship through personalization and was able to convert her into a multi-year donor at a 7-figure level.

4. Actionable Donor Segmentation

Understanding their customers led the nonprofit to have better segmentation and a more targeted strategy for each segment.

For instance, they found that millennials and Gen-Xers were social media savvy. This led them to encourage members from these segments to run birthday fundraisers on Facebook. The campaign was enabled by WealthEngine data that is granular enough to include details such as birth month. As a result of this insight, the organization was able to raise $250,000 through Facebook birthday fundraisers. Therefore, they were able to leverage its members’ networks to fundraise effectively within these segments. 

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