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The Luxury Marketing Council is an organization of luxury purveyors – CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and Top Executives. The Council serves as a catalyst in bringing together the smartest, most imaginative, marketers of luxury products and services. Our mission is to explore best practices, share intelligence on customers and stay on the leading edge of market trends. The Council facilitates innovative marketing alliances and partnerships, where its members can cultivate referrals from best customers.

The Luxury Marketing Council and WealthEngine Bring Wealth Intelligence to Luxury Marketers

WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics and wealth intelligence has joined the Luxury Marketing Council and instituted a strategic partnership to bring the power of data science to luxury marketers.

As part of this partnership, WealthEngine is pleased to offer member-exclusive promotional events throughout the year, access to educational content, training and specialist ready to help you drive success.

WealthEngine’s Platform – FindWealth8 Provides the Following Key Capabilities to Council Members:

  • WEALTH SCORES - WE develops scores that accurately predict someone's wealth and their ability to spend
  • RESEARCH – Research potential buyers to understand their propensity to spend, wealth, lifestyle and property interests
  • SCREENING - Add our rich data to what you already know to get a rich picture of the wealth, lifestyles and interests of your audience
  • PREDICTION - Analyze the patterns in our combined data so you can understand the traits of your best clients
  • LOOKALIKES - Find more clients that look just like your best clients from our database of 240m US adults
  • PROSPECTING - Build and connect (online and offline) with ultra-segmented audiences in just minutes

This partnership will further develop our already successful luxury business. Many current members of the Luxury Marketing Council are seeing great success with our tools. They are able to better understand their current customers, find new customers who look just like their most profitable customers, and make deeper, more impactful connections with those most likely to buy.

Mark Logan, CEO & President, WealthEngine

The Council is a catalyst in bringing the smartest, most imaginative marketers of luxury products and services together to explore best practices and critical issues. In addition, through the “incubation” of innovative marketing alliances and partnerships, the Council helps its members to grow revenue, expand share of wallet, and cultivate referrals from the loyalty of their best customers.

With wealth scores and over 1,000 attributes across a database more than 240 million US adults, WealthEngine’s platform provides luxury marketers with unique insights that allow them to understand, identify and grow business with their ideal clientele.

We are thrilled about this partnership for so many reasons. The power of WealthEngine’s solutions allows our members to become intimately knowledgeable about their current and future customers. WealthEngine’s heritage in the non-profit market and its growing expertise with luxury markets makes this the ideal time to form this alliance.  We’ll be investing heavily to.make this a joint success.”  

Greg Furman, CEO of the Luxury Marketing Council

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