Many organizations turn to cross-pollination marketing, which leverages two brands to help customize and personalize the marketing experience for customers. Specifically, cross-pollination refers to the innovation and spark that is created by bringing fresh eyes, distinctive perspectives and common goals together. In order to most effectively use cross-pollination marketing, companies must also incorporate data analytics to ensure that they are appropriately targeting both existing and potential customers and creating partnerships that make sense to reach them.
Switzerland’s Vacheron Constantin is exploring the similarities between watchmaking and choreography with a short film that debuted April 19 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Vacheron’s film, “Mastery of Movement,” took viewers behind-the-scenes of the watchmaker’s Geneva factory and the ballet to highlight the passion and precision involved in these arts. Mastery of Movement also included footage from “Ballet 422,” a documentary film about the New York City Ballet, a premiere that was anticipated among film festival attendees.
As BrightContext co-founder and CEO John Funge told TechCrunch in 2012, “What Twilio is to telephony, BrightContext is to real-time data streams.” It’s with that hook that WealthEngine scooped up the company to add BrightContext’s real-time analysis capabilities to its chest of marketing and fundraising tools. BrightContext launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 promising to deliver real-time analysis of big data. The company demoed its technology using real-time election polling tools. WeathEngine is more interested in delivering more accurate data to marketers than election polling results.
It doesn’t take master-level powers of perception or a Battery Club membership to see that San Francisco is now full of young money. But where, exactly, is it? Now we know, thanks to the consulting firm WealthEngine, which provided San Francisco with the street addresses of roughly 1,800 unmarried millionaires within city limits.
The nation's business owners are an affluent bunch and they require a broad swath of services from a financial adviser — but the potential pay-off to advisers may be many years down the road. About one-third of the nation's wealthy investors, those who have $1.5 million or more to invest, are business owners, and that proportion jumps dramatically as wealth level rises, a new study finds.


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