Precision cut-crystal maker Swarovski is sponsoring The Academy’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit when it presents its last showing this fall at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, the future location of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and sponsored by Swarovski, the event will feature costume designs from several Hollywood films. The multimedia exhibit will showcase displays of Hollywood’s finest handcraftsmanship, a concept that Swarovski consumers understand and honor.
Social media is not just for selfies and pictures of food. While many organizations report little success fundraising on social media, some platforms can help you research prospects and build relationships. Sally Boucher, Qaya Thompson and Jeremy Woolf outlined seven reasons to use LinkedIn for fundraising during Fundraising Day in New York, sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals New York City chapter.
There’s been a sea change in prospect research, and it was front and center at our international industry conference last week. The 27th annual APRA conference, held in steamy Las Vegas, was called “Prospect Development 2014; new approaches, new connections.” The Twitter hashtag was #APRApd2014 (have a look – good stuff there). As always, it was a great conference with lots of meaty takeaways.
Learn how Vassar College utilized crowdfunding for the Vassar500 campaign and how JDRF tapped Big Data to enhance its targeting and fundraising. After that, crowdfunding really piqued Vassar’s interest. Then it began to see many of its peer institutions and other universities embarking on 24-hour crowdfunding giving challenges, which had giving at the center of the campaigns but veered from the typical appeal. They were all about creating experiences and building community to support the institutions.
With the help of WealthEngine, JDRF has cleaned up its big-data business processes and enhanced its fundraising. Here, Megan Martin, former director of data analysis at JDRF (now at American Cancer Society), and Sally Boucher, director of research at WealthEngine, share some data insights.


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