How does a firm’s rate of growth impact the influence of a strategic CFO? Join us as Dawn shares her CFO mind-set and explains why she views growth as being essential to CFOs realizing their strategic value.
The potential business value of big data continues to grow. Advocates claim that many industries and businesses, including wealth management, are just starting to tap into the wealth of “actionable intelligence” that is available as the amount of data keeps growing. The usual definition of big data (BD) cites three common criteria known as the “three Vs.” In a May 2013 report, “Big Data in Wealth Management: The Search for Customer Insight,” the consulting firm Celent “defines big data on three dimensions (volume, velocity, and variety), and the process includes capturing and gathering data, analytics,...
British porcelain maker Wedgwood is keeping its historical archive intact thanks to a public donation campaign that raised money through texts and online. The Wedgwood Collection, which includes more than 80,000 works of art, manuscripts, photos and ceramics from the brand’s 250-year history, was in danger of being separated and sold off. Two months ahead of schedule, Wedgwood raised the last approximately $4.37 million needed through a public call for donations in partnership with charity organization the Art Fund.
Senior discounts won’t stop this financial meltdown. New York City’s richest retirees can’t shake off the Great Recession — they’ve cut spending to the bone, fearing another stock market crash, according to new research and personal finance experts. “The market has taught them lessons,” Beth Finkel, New York State director of the American Association of Retired People (AARP), told The Post.
Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is promoting its customization processes through a dedicated Web page that offers detailed information about the manufacturing steps behind the brand’s watches. The Web page is being promoted on the brand’s Facebook to encourage fans to click through to detailed information about the manufacturing process. By presenting this information to consumers, IWC Schaffhausen is allowing an inside look into the brand, allowing a deeper understanding and appreciation by consumers.


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