Hello, marketers! It’s that time of year again — you know what I mean, when the birds are a-chirp, the pollen is high, and the coolest of the cool emerge from their cabanas and give the world a full-throated hiya. We here at Gartner for Marketing Leaders Data-Driven HQ were hard at work in 2014 and early 2015, culling through nominees, isolating claims, evaluating startups and some more established players on that ineffable spectrum of Coolness that can only be summed up in the satisfying phrase: We know it when we see it.
Today, GoLocalPDX unveils a comprehensive ranking of those that have the combination of the greatest wealth coupled with the greatest influence in Portland, and beyond. We teamed with WealthEngine — the leading provider of sophisticated wealth identification and prospect research solutions -- to put together our list of the rich and powerful.
WealthEngine, a provider of wealth intelligence, prospect research, and marketing services for nonprofits, healthcare, education, luxury goods, and financial services, has released a new prospecting solution, WE Prospect. Marketers, agencies, and fundraisers can now identify ideal targets with WE Prospect by creating ultra-segmented audiences using wealth, demographic, lifestyle, and personal attributes across a database of more than 210 million people in the United States.
WealthEngine, a provider of wealth intelligence, prospect research, and marketing services for nonprofits, and DonorCommunity, an online fundraising software company, have partnered to help organizations improve their fundraising results. The partnership will enable organizations to understand virtually everything about their constituents in a single view by leveraging WealthEngine's data and wealth intelligence capabilities inside of DonorCommunity's automated online fundraising and marketing platform.
Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM company, today announced that it has expanded the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem—opening up a new world of insights for every business user. Since launching the Analytics Cloud a month ago, more than 45 partners have joined the ecosystem. Now any custom analytics app can include industry-specific customer intelligence from the world's leading information providers, including Dun & Bradstreet, Health Market Science and Thomson Reuters. In addition, new integration providers, ISVs and SIs—including Bluewolf,Capgemini, IBM Cast Iron and SnapLogic—will enable companies to extend analytics for...


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