Zooming In: Leveraging Data to Drive Growth

When it comes to growing your prospecting pipeline, you would be flying blind without accurate data on your target audience. Yet the more data you have, the more you have to sort through to find meaningful insights.

Join ZoomInfo’s CEO Henry Schuck (NASDAQ: ZI) and WealthEngine’s CEO PV Bóccasam for an entertaining and insightful discussion on leveraging data to drive growth.

Tripling Your Online Donations Using Wealth Data

We don’t live in a one-size-fits all world — so why would we treat our donors that way? In this webinar, representatives from WealthEngine, Classy, and Salesforce will walk you through strategies on how to use predictive wealth intelligence to better target and convert your donors based on what you know about them.

Join us for a Q&A with Maxwell Pamphile, Director of Strategic Partnerships at WealthEngine, Dan Tajbl, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce.org, and Maddie Joynt, Account Executive at Classy.org as they answer all of your questions around using predictive wealth intelligence to better target and convert your donors.

The New Citizen: Activating Your Next Changemakers

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Ximena Harstock, Co-Founder of Phone2Action, on how nonprofits are activating their base to connect with elected officials and drive change.
Tune in to hear Dr. Hartstock and WealthEngine’s CEO, PV Bóccasam, share insights and trends on donor engagement, retention, and activism.  This executive briefing is part of WealthEngine’s WE Prosper Leadership Speaker Series.

How CDC Foundation is Raising Millions Using Technology and Data to Fight COVID

The world has been changing rapidly and nonprofit organizations are needing to be nimble in order to adjust to the new normal. Over the past few months, the importance of technology has reached a peak in allowing organizations to function as efficiently as possible. When you have multiple departments running on different applications, and now have additional complexities brought around by the recent pandemics, you need a platform that can help unit your organization and encourage collaborative efforts using one tool.

The CDC has recently migrated from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce, helping them streamline a process for fundraising and allocating those funds to designated programs. Now is your chance to explore the power of the Salesforce platform. Come with your questions ready for our panel of recently migration nonprofit organizations and industry experts as we discuss:

Why organizations are doubling-down on technology to increase their fundraising, even during a pandemic

How to manage a large-scale technology change and encourage user adoption

The efficiency and impact switching to Salesforce has had on the CDC Foundation’s fundraising, programs for a 360-degree of your organization

How to Track Down High Potential Clients in a Mountain of Data

You’ve got a mountain of data. How do you connect the dots to discover high potential clients and prospects? Attend this briefing to learn how to spot clients motivations and behaviors to personalize your campaigns. And with the recent landscape shift, it’s imperative for organizations to not only protect and enhance datasets, first-party data and consumer privacy, but work with third-party assets who do the same to thrive in these changing times.

Join us for an executive briefing and Q&A with WealthEngine’s Raj Khera, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer and Michelle Tilton, Infutor’s VP of Marketing, as they answer all of your questions around leveraging your customers data, third-party tracking and more.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for preventing data breakage, decay and future threats
  • How to find the hidden predictors that discovers your next best prospect and influence client behavior
  • How to turn unknown identities into known customers and donors with personalized inbound engagement in real-time

UCSF’s Data-Driven Blueprint for Raising $600M+ Per Year

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) harmonizes data, tools, analytics and cross-functional departments to identify and prioritize gift opportunities that raise $600M to $1.2 billion every year.

Join WealthEngine and Salesforce for a highly informative executive briefing and Q&A with UCSF on Thursday, August 6 at 12 noon Eastern (9 a.m. Pacific) as they share their best practices on how to:

  • Collaborate across teams, including research, data science, advancement
  • Build their pipeline process and assign prospects
  • Combine wealth data and predictive scores to find their best opportunities\
  • Use data visualization to turn mountains of information into useful insights