University of Pennsylvania

$600M Received in Campaign Commitments

The Department of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) at the University of Pennsylvania operates as a decentralized organization, with 500 employees across the university in more than 25 schools. The DAR worked with WealthEngine to conduct periodic screenings of prospective donors in order to help focus research efforts on their most promising prospects. 

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The Goal

The Alumni Relations Department at UPenn needed to do electronic screenings on various prospects and donor target segments in order to capture results that would be available and useful to the DAR staff.

WealthEngine's Solution

With WealthEngine’s help, UPenn’s Alumni Relations Department was able to conduct periodic screenings and prospect research to determine which prospects to screen in consultation with DAR client area, screen those clients electronically and capture the results. By using giving capacity and indicators of inclination, researchers and development officers at UPenn selected individual prospects for extensive research.

Their Result

University of Pennsylvania has now identified about 40,000 individuals who can donate at least $25,000 a year over 5 years. They have added 2,000 prospects per year, 80-85% of which are donors. Due to WealthEngine’s successful prospect screenings, the new prospects that were discovered have made campaign commitments of about $600 million.

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