6 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Marketing

6 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Marketing

As summer comes to a close, the holiday season is fast approaching! What is your brand doing to prepare for the holiday rush? Consumers will be ready to spend. What data are you using to segment your customer base and supercharge your marketing efforts? Do you know the customers or prospects that can afford the products you sell?

Below are some helpful tips from WealthEngine for marketers to execute a flawless holiday season marketing campaign:

  • Start you holiday marketing early to raise awareness ahead of the holiday season. This way when customers are ready to purchase, your brand is top of mind!
  • Segment your audiences using wealth and lifestyle intelligence to ensure the appropriate message goes to the right consumer.
  • Create multi-channel marketing campaigns (email, snail mail, banner ads, etc.) that have continuous impressions to achieve maximum results.
  • It’s never too late to put together an effective marketing campaign. Using relevant data to inform your decision making will supercharge your efforts. Don’t be afraid to get other departments in your company psyched about the holiday push and let them know how they can help you best.
  • While considering new market trends, always review what worked well last holiday season and plan to replicate your previous successes. How can you optimize what already works using new data?
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to be bold and take chances. The holiday season can be a frantic rush of consumer decisions and the brands that stand out will win the consumer’s attention.

For more information and help preparing for your Holiday season, contact WealthEngine today.

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