American Education Nonprofit Organization

4.5x Increase in Total Number of Major Gift Donors

An American education nonprofit organization wanted to establish a structured effort to identify major gift donors. They utilized WealthEngine’s platform to identify and prioritize high-impact donors. 

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The Goal

The nonprofit organization needed to grow their pipeline of major gift donors in order to meet their aggressive revenue goals. With more structured screening, they could prioritize engagement with the right prospects. 

WealthEngine's Solution

Using WealthEngine’s platform, the organization was able to identify potential high-impact donors. The top highest-scoring prospects were then prioritized for cultivation by gift officers and assigned for special engagement at events such as the annual gala.

Their Result

By using the WealthEngine platform, the nonprofit was able to increase the total number of major gift donors by 4.5x, from approximately 110 donors to 500+ major gift donors, over the course of 6 years

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