Healthcare Fundraising: Boost Grateful Patient Programs with the P2G Score


Healthcare fundraising success often relies upon running efficient Grateful Patient Programs. WealthEngine’s P2G score plays a key role in healthcare fundraising.

For instance, we talked to a large Midwestern Health System that was already using a different wealth screening provider. The other solution, however, failed to identify a significant number of patients as major gifts prospects.

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Use Predictive Modeling to Power Up Lead Generation

lead generation

Did you know you could be taking advantage of WealthEngine beyond richly layered profile searches, and fast-paced wealth screenings? WE Analyze helps you can gain deep insights and actionable intelligence on your top customers or donors. These insights can then be used to quickly and efficiently enhance your lead generation.

WealthEngine is the industry’s most trusted, API-accessible, cloud-secure platform for Wealth Intelligence. Further, our solutions enable fundraisers and marketers to drive highly private, high precision, campaigns that deliver high impact at lower acquisition costs. For instance, WE Analyze is the top predictive lead-scoring and analysis solution. Specifically, WE Analyze harnesses the power of one of the largest consumer datasets ever created.

In our previous blog post, we showed you how WE Prospect can help you identify prospects, target them, integrate wealth intelligence, expand your market reach and protect data. In this article we take step back to show you how analyzing your current customer or donor base can help you find actionable insights. These insights can empower your lead generation by finding those prospects that are highly likely to engage with your brand or cause.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video below for a quick overview.

WE Analyze empowers marketers and fundraisers in unprecedented ways. Moreover, our solution does all the work for you! In three simple steps, you could use our predictive modeling to rank your best customers or donors and enhance your lead generation to find ‘look-alike’ prospects.

Step 1: Upload Your List to Gain Deep Insight

Upload a list of your customers or donors with as little information as names, emails and phone numbers. WE Analyze will enrich the data and help you see the composition of your audiences in unprecedented detail.  This means that you can see the attributes that make your customers or donors unique. Our solution generates visuals that reveal actionable insights to enhance your lead generation. Insights not only include demographic data but also lifestyle attributes and affinities to show you how your current donors or customers live, give and save.

Step 2: Create a Model, Score and Rank Donors or Customers

Use the insights to create a predictive model. The model will then enable you to score new leads to see how similar are to your best customers or donors. Rank your prospect, customer or donor lists by order of similarity to your best. Compare segments such as current members of your database to newly acquired lists so you always know which leads to engage first.

Step 3: Use Your Model to Find New Leads Like Your Best

Generate new leads from our 300+ M profile database that look like your best customers. Whether running a broad reach email campaign or looking to supplement an invite list for a regional event, pull lists that are the best fit for your model. Then use the insights to determine messaging and keywords for your next direct mail, email, phone, content, or ad campaign.

Go a Step Further to Personalize in Real-time

Score leads against our API in real-time as they interact across your marketing channels. Personalize your customer experience in real-time as leads interact with touchpoints such as your website, mobile app, call-center, store, or event.

Free Insights

Learn more about how you can leverage past success to set yourself up for effective lead generation. Find out more about WE Insights, a free value-added service for WealthEngine customers.