2017 Winter Newsletter

Message from the CEO

Welcome to the Winter edition of our WealthEngine Customer Newsletter. 2017 has gotten off to a fast start. With changes in the business and political landscapes, many organizations find themselves looking for solutions that continue to help them drive growth. We are proud to provide the industry’s best products and services that help you meet your sales and fundraising goals. Our mission is to help you find, understand, and engage wealthy prospects that can positively impact your organization.

Within this newsletter, we focus on personalization and the engagement economy. Whether you are a Development Officer looking to increase donations to your nonprofit or a CMO that wants to identify the ideal customer for your products and services, tailoring the message to target your audience is key. To provide that customized message, you need deep and rich consumer insights. That’s where WE come in. WealthEngine has helped more than 4,000 organizations over 20 years understand their audience more completely. Armed with these insights, our clients can consistently deliver authentic and personalized experiences to their prospects and customers.

As we entered 2017, we have taken this mission to a whole new level. In December 2016, we proudly partnered with Marketo, joining their best-of-breed partner ecosystem, LaunchPoint. Marketo is the leading engagement software platform designed to help organizations develop longer-term relationships with their customers – from acquisition to advocacy. We believe strongly in this mission.

The WealthEngine-Marketo solution brings all the outstanding benefits of WealthEngine directly into your Marketo instance, providing consumer-level data appends, rich audience insights, look-alike modeling, and precision prospecting. We go over our Marketo integration in more detail within our Product Deep Dive this month.

In this issue’s spotlight, we also sit down and talk with John Andrews, our Director of Predictive Analytics. WealthEngine is committed to providing you with actionable data to help your marketing and fundraising efforts. John brings that data to life and helps maximize the impact you can get through custom modeling initiatives.

Finally, we are committed to providing you all with additional resources and content to help you meet your demands and challenges. As such, we feature best practices and industry trends within our regular blog articles, customer success stories, webinars, and free trainings. We also continue to publish thought leadership to share with our customers and prospects for free.

We are proud of all our customers and are always looking to welcome more organizations to the WealthEngine family. We hope you have started off strongly in 2017. We are excited to continue our work with you on new opportunities. As always, please share any feedback with us and let us know if there are any additional topics you’d like us to touch on in future newsletters.

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What’s New at WE?

New WE Publications

At WealthEngine we strive to keep you updated on industry information, best practices and tips. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce two of our newest publications:

Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API
Have you or your company thought about integrating with an API? We reached out to some industry experts to solicit their feedback for best practices and tips for evaluating and integrating with APIs and compiled the information in an eBook entitled Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API. The eBook discusses the following questions:

  • Why are APIs useful?
  • What factors should you discuss internally when deciding to integrate with an API and evaluating providers?
  • What tips do you have for diving in an integrating with an API?
  • What best practices do you have for quality testing your integration with an API?
  • What process efficiencies have you found since integrating with an API?

Download Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API.

An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Market Share Using Predictive Analytics and Modeling
Wealth intelligence allows luxury marketers to truly understand the affluent consumer and their wealth, demographic and lifestyle attributes. This insight is critical, as marketers work to build targeted marketing strategies that reach the most qualified consumers with compelling offers and a seamless brand experience. Read our whitepaper An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Market Share Using Predictive Analytics and Modeling which discusses:

  • Today’s trends and challenges for luxury marketers looking to grow your business
  • WealthEngine’s unique approach to developing and utilizing wealth scores
  • Best practices and practical tips for applying custom predictive analytics
  • Determining the optimal solution to meet your goals

Download An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Market Share Using Predictive Analytics and Modeling.

New Customer Success Story!
Turning Point Ministries partnered with WealthEngine to help reframe their thinking around fundraising, better segment their database, and determine who to cultivate for major giving. Read how Turning Point Ministries doubled their mid-level donors.


WealthEngine’s 10 CMOs to Watch in 2017
We know how important marketing and building relationships are to our clients. We also know there is a lot we can learn from leaders who are always looking at things a little differently, who are ahead of the curve and who are continually learning and sharing what they learn with others. We’ve compiled a list of 10 CMOs from companies including Under Armour, Capital One, National Hockey League, Pandora, and more. Read about what these CMOs are doing at their companies.

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WE Spotlight: John Andrews

As clients, you more than likely only interact with our account representatives and customer care team, but have you ever wondered what happens once you’ve purchased a modeling project? Or who works with the data you’ve submitted?

We’d like to introduce you to someone more behind the scenes at WealthEngine – John Andrews, our Director of Predictive Analytics. John joined the WealthEngine team two years ago. Prior to that he worked at a digital advertising agency in Northern Virginia where he conducted field experiments to measure the effectiveness of online persuasion and awareness advertisements.

What exactly does a Director of Predictive Analytics do? The short answer – a lot. But to be more in-depth, John is primarily responsible for the production of client-specific models such as our enterprise models and custom modeling suite, as well as the production of some of the off the shelf models that are sold including Enhanced Screening and SmartFundraising. 

John also worked with the WealthEngine product team in developing WE Analyze, focusing on the math behind the solution.

What does a typical day look like for a data scientist? In John’s case it involves a lot of programming. He developed a proprietary modeling library in a programming language called R, which he continues to refine and add new functionality to.

John also works with the WealthEngine consultants to ensure client data is prepped and in the correct format for use in creating the specific model or models. When needed, he works with clients to get clarification on the data they submitted. In the coming year, John is looking forward to interacting with clients even more to discuss how WealthEngine can have the greatest impact in their programs.

One of John’s biggest initiatives, in collaboration with the product team, is figuring out how to deploy WealthEngine models for rapid and repeatable use. The goal is to deploy client-specific models to the WealthEngine Platform so that the clients themselves can get their own custom real-time scores on their customers or donors. Specifically, a client would be able to upload their data to the WealthEngine Platform, select a model of their choosing, and get results within minutes.  According to John, “it’s about bringing the model to the data and not vice versa.”

One of the best parts about WealthEngine for John is having the opportunity to work with big data technologies and building up his skill set in that area. And, John “enjoys working with smart people in a fast-paced, growth-oriented work environment.” A notable client experience for him was working with the Humane Society of the United States to narrow down a group of a half a million donors down to a more manageable number to cultivate for a mid-level giving program.

Outside of WealthEngine, John, a father of four, enjoys spending time with his family. He builds model rockets with his daughters and plays t-ball with his son. 

You can catch John at APRA’s Data Analytics Symposium at its Annual Conference in July.  His presentation is titled   "Thinking Outside the Black Box: Balancing Model Interpretability and Accuracy".

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Product Deep Dive – WE Marketo Integration

At WealthEngine, we have always believed that technology integrations are a key component to our success as a software provider and the success of our clients. We strive to make it easy to add our wealth intelligence into our clients’ current business processes.

With over 35 integrations and counting, we are very excited to extend beyond our current CRM and DMS integrations and dive into the world of marketing engagement platforms. At the end of 2016, we announced our premier partner integration with marketing automation platform leader, Marketo. Along with this partnership we joined their LaunchPoint ecosystem as a marketing solutions provider.  

In this month’s product deep dive, we will explain how we are empowering Marketo users with our consumer data insights.

What is Marketo?
Marketo is a leading engagement marketing software platform designed to help marketers develop long-term relationships with their customers – from acquisition to advocacy. The platform allows organizations to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Who uses Marketo and what are its common features and functions?
Marketo’s marketing automation software is used in many modern marketing processes, for organizations of all types including B2B, B2C, and not-for-profit. But increasingly, companies across all categories are adopting the software for it’s real-time, engagement-oriented approach to maintaining and extending relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Common features of the platform include email marketing, landing pages and forms, campaign management, engagement marketing, prediction and lead scoring, customer lifecycle management, CRM integration, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics.

What is Marketo LaunchPoint?
LaunchPoint is an ecosystem of marketing solutions that complement and integrate into Marketo’s customer engagement platform. Whether you’re looking for analytics and big data solutions, content marketing solutions or lead data providers, you can find the application that’s right for you.

What are the benefits of WE & Marketo?
WealthEngine delivers Marketo customers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Wealth & Consumer Data Appends: Append data in real time with net worth, lifestyle, and interest attributes to drive persona-based nurture tracks
  • Rich Audience Insights: Provide new wealth insights to better segment lists, score leads, and prioritize actions
  • Look-Alike Modeling: Use predicative analytics to create look-alike models and find new leads based on characteristics in common with the best customers in their database
  • Precision Prospecting: Generate the ideal prospect list and seamlessly pull it into Marketo

What are some use cases of the WE Marketo integration?

  1. What if…you knew the net worth, lifestyle, and interests of leads in real-time, as they were engaging with you?
    Every day high-potential prospects visit your website and interact with your organization. The problem is that you may not know it until much later. When prospects interact with your online presence, they are engaged. That engagement can fade as time passes so it’s important to take action right away to nurture that relationship. With the WE Marketo integration as new leads are coming into your system you can automatically append our data to the record in your Marketo database, which will allow you to incorporate those ratings and scores into any automated workflows for segmentation, lead scoring or routing.
  1. What if…we could enable you to create the perfect prospect list and seamlessly pull it into Marketo?
    WE Prospect changes the Marketo prospecting landscape by giving you a simple way to find, understand, and contact wealthy prospects from directly within Marketo. The platform enables users to create ultra-segmented audiences by letting you easily search and drill down through wealth and personal attributes, instantly see a visual breakdown of the resolts, and import prospects directly to your Marketo lead database with foll contact information.
  1. What if…we could enable you to gain unprecedented analytic insights into your Marketo leads?
    WE Analyze is a predictive lead scoring and analysis platform that harnesses the power of one of the largest consumer data sets ever created, so you can gain deep actionable intelligence and quickly identify your best prospects and understand what makes them unique. Using these insights, you can determine messaging and keywords for your next email or ad campaign you deploy from Marketo.
  1. What if…we could enable you to create look-alike models and score new leads in Marketo?
    With the integration we add our data to your Marketo list, analyze it and create a model of your list. Whether you are running a broad reach email campaign or looking to supplement an invite list for a regional event, you can pull new prospect lists that are a best fit to your target model. Also as new leads are entering your Marketo database you can automatically score how similar they are to your target models so you know which you should prioritize for engagement.

How to get started?
If you are interested in learning more about how WealthEngine’s wealth and consumer data platform can enrich leads within Marketo to enable personalization and improve conversion, please visit our LaunchPoint listing and fill out the form to get started. A WE Marketo integration specialist will get right back to you.

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A Look Ahead

Event | March 19 – 22 | Orlando FL
Ellucian Live | WE are proud to be part of the Ellucian partner community and will be exhibiting at Ellucian Live in booth # 829. Register Now

Event | March 19 – 23 | Las Vegas NV
Shoptalk | Our commercial markets team is joining this retail and ecommerce conference as an exhibiting sponsor. Register Now

Event | April 11 – 13 | Nashville TN
Abila User & Developer Conference | WE are looking forward to exhibiting at the Abila Users Conference as a product partner. Please visit us in booth #149. Register Now

Event | April 23 – 26 |
Marketo Summit | WE are excited to be joining the Marketing Nation Summit as a premier technology partner exhibitor. Register Now

WE Webinar | April 25, 2-3 PM ET
Leveraging Social Media & Events to Engage Millennials | Join us for a dynamic workshop offering clear strategies, tactics and resources in increase fundraising event success and connect with the next generation of donors. If you are planning an upcoming fundraiser and looking to expand your donor base to a younger audience, this program is not to be missed. Register Now

Event | April 30 – May 2 | San Francisco CA
International Fundraising Conference | WE are looking forward to sponsoring the annual AFP Conference and will be exhibiting in booth # 428. Register Now

Looking for a refresher on the WealthEngine Platform? Our training team is offering free monthly sessions focused on various topics around our platform including our ratings and scores. View the topics and register.

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