WealthEngine and the Westfall Group Announce Preferred Partnership


WealthEngine and the Westfall Group partner to drive positive fundraising ROI by using wealth data in major donor events.

November 29, 2016 – Bethesda, MD – WealthEngine, the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development, and wealth intelligence services, has announced an extension of their existing relationship with the Westfall Group, the nation’s leading innovator and implementer of major donor events. The Westfall Group has chosen WealthEngine as one of its preferred wealth data partners.

The Westfall Group has been a long-time supporter of WealthEngine and the value its wealth data provides. Together they have implemented a number of major donor events that have generated significant fundraising results for non-profit organizations. Integrating wealth profiles of event attendees helps drive better targeting, personalization, and execution. It also enables The Westfall Group to develop highly customized segments on which to focus future efforts.

“Accurate wealth analytics is foundational to the success of our major donor fundraising events,” said Robert Yi, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Westfall Group. “WealthEngine’s analytical expertise allows us to clearly understand donor profiles and giving capacity. That enables us to maximize results for our clients, making sure they get the highest possible return on their fundraising investment.”

“We are extremely proud of our relationship with the Westfall Group, and we are excited to extend our partnership into the future,” said Mark Logan, President and CEO at WealthEngine. “The Westfall Group shares our goal of empowering nonprofits with solutions that can help drive fundraising and fulfill their missions. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with them as we continue to help organizations together.”

WealthEngine and the Westfall Group will continue to embark on joint marketing activities, targeting mutual clients with a need for the successful implementation of major donor events.

About WealthEngine
WealthEngine™, Inc. is the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development and wealth intelligence services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands. WealthEngine was named a Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing by Gartner. Marketers and fundraisers use Wealth Engine’s comprehensive insights to understand what drives consumer decisions and when best to engage them. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom.

For more information please visit wealthengine.com.

About Westfall Group
The Westfall Group is the nation’s leading innovator and implementer of major donor events, with a track record acquired through more than 350 events that have generated more than half a billion dollars for nonprofit clients.  Westfall’s event weekends bond major donors to organizations’ missions by condensing a year’s worth of cultivation into one extraordinary, transformational experience. The company is headquartered in the Atlanta, Ga., area.  For more information, visit www.westfallgroup.net.

For more information please visit www.westfallgroup.net.

Building an Integrated Development Team


Fund development programs span a wide range of activities and competencies. As advances in areas such as technology, data analytics, business intelligence, and market research continue to drive increasing sophistication in the fundraising sphere, it becomes increasingly difficult, yet important, to coordinate and integrate the various players and activities.

As individual staff members become specialized in one unit or another within fund development teams (research, fundraising, marketing and communications, or information services), they can become distanced or even disconnected from the bigger picture. This leads to a lack of understanding of the expertise and value other units and personnel bring to the table. Less understanding, and less connectivity, means fewer opportunities for teamwork, resulting in less synergy and creativity.

While sophistication and specialization are both admirable and necessary as programs grow, it is wise to be mindful of some of the hazards they can portend. Good leaders will be aware of how to maintain a sense of team and teamwork as the organization grows and will manage the changes in a positive and healthy manner.

6 Ways to Build an Integrated Team

The following are six ways development leaders can build and maintain effective, integrated teams. Enacting these principles within fund development teams will provide organizations more success and stability, and staff more satisfaction, opportunities for creativity and professional and personal growth.

  1. Recognize the continued need for cross functional teams and workgroups
    As development departments become more specialized, it is important for leadership to. provide members of all units the opportunity to learn about other specialized development functions and to forge relationships with those working in different areas. Building relationships — and trust — with other members of the broader department leads to increased cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. Creative and outside-the-box ideas and solutions will result.
  2. Create and provide shared goals for all units
    This reminds all units within the development department the reminder they are an important piece of the whole working toward a common good. Each unit within the department should always be aware of the way in which they connect to the whole. One of the clearest forms of communication leadership can use is the goals and objectives they set forth.
  3. Acknowledge and include all units in celebrations of success
    This is an outward acknowledgement of the value contributed by each unit. For example, while major gifts brought in the $1MM gift, Information Services correctly captured their information, prospect research quantified the potential, and marketing engaged the prospect before fundraising ever became involved. Development is a team sport, and celebrating the wins together builds a winning team.
  4. Provide development personnel with internal and external educational opportunities
    This creates situations where personnel need to understand tangential aspects of their jobs, and create greater understanding of colleagues’ roles. Increased understanding leads to better communication and more “sticky” relationships within the department.  Individuals will value the opportunities for professional growth, and may also feel more content within their working environment.
  5. Encourage personnel to try different development roles
    Creating opportunities for movement between units can lead to increased job satisfaction.  Open lines of communication, cross-educational opportunities, cross-training and mentorships all contribute to a culture of openness and transparency that will breed loyalty and longevity.
  6. Meet conflicts head on and resolve them appropriately
    Leaders who shy away from conflict will find that they are inhibiting growth and creativity. By not recognizing the value of differences of opinion and unique ways of thinking, they are quashing opportunities for innovation. Leaders should value conflict as a healthy way to explore problems and challenges in a deeper way and to encourage creative and collaborative outcomes.

Building a collaborative and cohesive development team may seem like a daunting task, but with enough effort, you can guide your organization towards stability and success. For more information about development strategies, register for our webinar with Sierra Club: A Wealth of Data: Major Donor Fundraising & Data-Driven Segmentation.

Eight Ways to Get Involved with #GivingTuesday


It’s hard to believe that #GivingTuesday is just one week away! Entering its fifth year, #GivingTuesday is a social media movement that was begun to remind people of the importance of giving back. Held on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving (as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday), #GivingTuesday is about compassion, volunteering, donating, and being generous in our communities. 

This year, #WEGivesBack by collecting donations for the Food and Friends charity. If your organization is looking for small ways to get involved with #GivingTuesday, here are ways that you can do right now to get started:

  1. Like #GivingTuesday on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in order to gain inspiration for your own #GivingTuesday campaign. Retweet, like, or share their content so your followers are aware of ways they can get involved.
  2. Create your own #GivingTuesday themed content, such as blog posts or short videos, to raise awareness for your cause. Post it on your own social media and use the #GivingTuesday hashtag to help further your cause and give your donors a reason to give back.
  3. Start a Facebook Fundraiser in order to share your story and raise funds for the cause you care about.
  4. Share your #MyGivingStory through #GivingTuesday’s Facebook page by December 31 in order to win up to $10,000 for your favorite nonprofit organization! Just tell the story of a time that you supported a nonprofit in a way that was meaningful to you.
  5. Take an #UNSelfie to share how you are giving back or why you choose to give this year – share it on social media with the #UNselfie hashtag to encourage your followers to give.
  6. Develop a campaign around #GivingTuesday. It may be small this year, but start now and build momentum for future years. Download the #GivingTuesday Social Media Toolkit to get started on showing your support for the movement
  7. #GivingTuesday isn’t just about donating money – encourage your followers to donate their time by volunteering! And don’t forget your past and present volunteers – use the #GivingTuesday hashtag to show your appreciation for them.
  8. Track, measure and record all of your activities and results, so you can grow and expand your #GivingTuesday impact next year.

If you need a little extra help getting inspiration for your #GivingTuesday campaign, check out our blog post Three #GivingTuesday Campaigns That Will Inspire You This Year. Happy giving!

WealthEngine and CharityEngine Announce Partnership to Deliver Integrated Fundraising Solutions


November 16, 2016 – Bethesda, MD – WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics, and audience development services, is pleased to announce its new partnership with CharityEngine. This relationship is based upon the shared goal of supporting clients in achieving positive fundraising results. Together, both companies offer a comprehensive and cost-effective program for fundraising and donor relations.

“CharityEngine’s fundraising technology ecosystem is fast becoming the go-to solution for helping data-driven nonprofits and their partners solve complex needs around donor and constituent data management for both retention and acquisition,” stated Philip Schmitz, CEO, of BIS Global, makers of the CharityEngine platform. “We are thrilled that our new partnership with WealthEngine will enrich our data and services to help our nonprofit partners identify the constituents who care the most, and are ready to support, their organization and mission.”

As part of their partnership, WealthEngine and CharityEngine will conduct joint marketing activities and work with clients with a need to leverage powerful donor intelligence, database management, event management, and marketing programs.

“WealthEngine’s proprietary Propensity to Give (P2G) score and additional wealth scores are a complement to CharityEngine’s platform as a way to fill the need for nonprofits to integrate in-depth donor intelligence with wealth insight,” said JB Rauch, Vice President of Channels at WealthEngine. “Our wealth intelligence data empowers nonprofits to access powerful insights and to target, segment, and engage their best donors and prospects.”

For more information on WealthEngine’s wealth intelligence solutions, visit wealthengine.com or contact JB Rauch, VP Strategic Alliances and Channels at 240.786.3493 or jrauch@wealthengine.com.  

For more information on CharityEngine, visit charityengine.net or contact Leigh Kessler, VP Marketing at 703-639-9013 or leigh.kessler@charityengine.net.  

About WealthEngine
WealthEngine™, Inc. is the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development and wealth intelligence services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands. Recently named a Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing by Gartner, marketers and fundraisers use WealthEngine’s comprehensive insights to understand what drives consumer decisions and when best to engage them. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit wealthengine.com.

About CharityEngine
In 2010, CharityEngine was launched to help nonprofits who wanted to grow their mission. Named to Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in 2014, 2015, and 2016, CharityEngine provides best-in-breed donor management software for destroying data silos. CharityEngine has proudly helped many organizations, including Wounded Warrior Projects, Toys for Tots, Care, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Fisher House Foundation, and others. For more information, please visit charityengine.net.

2016 Fall Newsletter


Message from the CEO


Greetings and welcome to the Fall edition of our WealthEngine Customer Newsletter. As 2016 comes to a close, we look to finish another successful year in support for our outstanding customers. We are proud to provide you with the industry’s best products and solutions to help you meet your fundraising or sales goals. We understand the challenges you face, and we strive to deliver data and information to give you a better understanding of your customers, donors, and prospects.

The Future of Fundraising
We live in a world of instant access that expects immediate action. Gone are the days of responding to your donors weeks or months after they’ve shown an affinity towards your cause. All nonprofits now maintain a meaningful web-presence with Donate Now pages that generate significant funding. WealthEngine allows you to screen all donors instantly during an online donation, an event sign-up, or any electronic engagement. This ensures that our customers will always deliver the right response and subsequent nurturing for all donors in real-time. Between 40%-50% of all donations take place during the upcoming holiday season, which makes this best practice even more critical to act on now.

WealthEngine for CMOs
We have grown our commercial business significantly by addressing the needs of CMOs. Chief Marketing Officers need better consumer insights and enhanced marketing capabilities targeted at individuals. By leveraging our API, we facilitate new prospect screening that informs our customer’s responses. When given enhanced data insights on prospects, our commercial customers find that they enjoy higher close rates. We are proud that over the past three months we have added new clients in wealth management, high-end automotive, real-estate, travel, and luxury retail.

Newsletter Highlights
In our product focus, we feature the WE API, a solution that we’re excited about at WealthEngine. This offering provides organizations with a way to access our wealth data and act on the valuable insights in real-time. WealthEngine seamlessly integrates into any environment to provide profiles of your customers, donors, and prospects directly into your systems and processes, allowing you to transform your marketing and engagement strategies. You can learn about the many use cases brought about by integration with our API below.

In this issue’s spotlight, we sit down and talk with John Funge, our Senior Vice President of Product Management. John is a product visionary and leader at WealthEngine. Over the years, he has founded and led three technology startups from inception through acquisition. He has developed a keen sense of market and technology trends, and leans on that intuition to design and deliver great products for our customers.

Finally, we are committed to provide you all with additional resources and content to help you meet your demands and challenges. As such, we feature best practices and industry trends within our regular blog articles, customer success stories, webinars, and free trainings.

We are proud of all our customers and are always looking to welcome more organizations to the WealthEngine family. We wish you all a happy holiday season and a successful finish to 2016. We are excited to continue our work with you on new opportunities in 2017. As always, please share any feedback with us and let us know if there are any additional topics you’d like us to touch on in future newsletters.

With regards,

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What’s New at WE?

WE-BlogNew Customer Video
The Humane Society of the United States employed WE to help drive their fundraising efforts around their major giving, mid-level giving, and planned giving programs by utilizing data insights. See the success story for yourself by watching the customer testimonial video

Quark100M+ New Email Addresses
We’ve added over 100M+ new personal email addresses to our platform. This is great news for you as a customer.

With these updates, you’ll notice:

We value our customers and we’re excited to be able to improve your ability to connect with the right individuals in your outreach efforts.

New We Products

With wealth screenings being the foundation of WealthEngine, WE are pleased to announce that we have launched two new screening solutions for our customers – WE Enhanced Screening and WE On Demand Screening. Check out the product descriptions below.

WE Enhanced Screening
WealthEngine’s Enhanced Screening has all the power of a standard screening with additional scores and ratings enabling fundraisers to easily prioritize and segment their constituency base on four key areas – major giving, likelihood to give, planned giving and next ask amounts.

Key Capabilities:

  • Prioritize and rank your constituent base in terms of their likelihood to give
  • Personalize your fundraising campaigns with wealth append data
  • Maximize your donations and ROI by asking for the right gift amounts based on ability
  • Segment your donor database by wealth and propensity scores

Contact us to get more information on running a WE Enhanced Screen to make sure you’re asking for the most based on each individual’s giving capacity.

WE On Demand Screening
WE On Demand Screening delivers an integration between an organization’s website and the WE platform to preform real-time wealth screenings. The new solution is an essential component of any organization’s marketing or fundraising toolkit.

Key Capabilities:

  • Instantly screen online visitors so you can take action right away
  • Automate and streamline lead scoring and outreach processes
  • Personalize the experience for your prospects to maximize potential opportunities

Contact us to get more information on how WE can integrate with your online forms to enrich your web visitors’ profiles in real-time.

PublicationNew Customer Announcement
WE are pleased to announce our collaboration with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to fighting blood cancer. WealthEngine aims to help further LLS’s goal of creating a world without blood cancer by improving their overall donor development strategy through valuable solutions, data, and analytics. For the full story, check out the press release.

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WE Spotlight: John Funge


Imagine that it’s 4AM on a typical work day. What are you doing? If you’re John Funge, SVP of Product Management at WealthEngine, you’re eating your breakfast, catching up on your emails, and getting ready to start your incredibly busy work day. A modern day renaissance man, John’s main responsibilities include leading the technical and creative development of WealthEngine’s many software solutions.

For John, the “typical” work day doesn’t truly exist. After starting each day off with a status check in with the product team, John spends most of his days dashing off to meetings. He finds himself involved in a variety of activities, including designing the user experience of the product, wordsmithing marketing materials, and configuring pricing models. “There are a lot of ways that creative challenges get manifested [in this position],” John reflects. “I very much like being able to spend parts of my day doing technical things, parts of my day doing ‘business-y’ things, and parts of my day doing creative things.”

Once you take into consideration that John comes from an entrepreneurial background, this apparent drive makes sense. After graduating with an electrical engineering degree, John jumped right into software development and started a business with his partner, Leo Scott, who now works as the Chief Technology Officer at WealthEngine. It was during this period that he developed this skill set that sits at the intersection of business and technology – a perfect combination for his role at WealthEngine.

According to John, working at WealthEngine takes up nearly 100% of his time, although he does make a point to be home for dinner with his family. Part of the reason he works so hard is because of his passion for WealthEngine’s solutions. “Because of the data that WealthEngine has, we can do some really interesting things. Without this data, you wouldn’t be able to do the types of predictive modeling and applications that WealthEngine enables you to do,” says John. “WE Analyze is the kind of product that really harnesses the power of all the data that we have. It’s a combination of an easy-to-use platform with incredibly powerful technology behind the scenes that’s taking hundreds of millions of rows of data and billions of data points and boiling all of this down for our customers into information that is relevant and actionable.”

One of his favorite parts of working at WealthEngine is working on the actual product. “Collaborating with our team to solve [difficult] problems when we know we’re onto something that’s going to be really cool for our customers is very, very satisfying,” says John. “I feel lucky to be able to work with the team we have. Working with this great team to solve really complex problems to develop innovative products that are fun and interesting for our clients is the best part of the job.” While he loves his job, it doesn’t come without its challenges. “One of the most challenging things about this job is juggling all the balls in the air,” says John. “There’s a lot of concurrent initiatives and projects going on that I’m somehow involved in, which makes it so I have to be continuously prioritizing and figuring out what I need to delegate and what I need to do.”  When John’s not working, you’ll find him hanging out with his family, jogging around Rock Creek Park, or kicking back and relaxing with shows like The Americans and Homeland.

Stay tuned for our next WE Spotlight!

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Product Deep Dive – WE API

we-analyzeWealthEngine has a number of great products and solutions that use wealth data as a foundation. Many of our customers access these solutions through our web platform or via a connector to one of our 20+ CRM partners, such as Salesforce. However, we have a third way of accessing WealthEngine data – WE API. In this month’s product deep dive, we will delve deep into the WE API and highlight how you can implement it to drive powerful wealth insights.

What is an API?
This is probably the first question we get from many people. An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a standardized interface to enable one system to “talk” directly to another system. What this boils down to is a set of calls that a developer can use to build software that utilizes the functionality or data that is exposed through the respective calls. By having a standardized interface, an API facilitates a systematic and maintainable approach to enabling many systems to leverage and interact with a set of protocols and tools for building software applications. It helps the implementation process by making it easier to develop a program by providing the right details and building blocks for a programmer or developer.

In simple terms, the API is an easy way to let your applications directly access WealthEngine’s data and capabilities in real-time by connecting your applications directly to WE’s Platform.

Ok, I’m with you. So how does it work?
While there is some development work required in order to get started, it’s fairly simple. Our API is a scalable and easily maintained API that transmits data objects between our WealthEngine servers and your web application; essentially, a RESTful API that returns JSON. There are only a few simple endpoints to know – the rest, you can leave up to us.

Our API is completely self-service. We have more details on our dev site at dev.wealthengine.com.

What can I use it for?
Every day we learn of new use cases. Our customers that have implemented our API currently use it in some really creative ways. Here are just a few of them:

  • Event Registration – Target event attendees for specialized engagements using insights gained at registration.
  • Website Sign Up – Understand your audience prior to engaging to tailor experiences, jump start fundraising activities, and personalize your marketing.
  • Travel Reservations & Check-In – Improve guest satisfaction and increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Auto Sales – Learn more about customers before they take one of your cars out for a test drive to boost more upsell opportunities and personalize the experience.
  • Real Estate Buyer Verification – Effectively manage real estate appointments.
  • Retail Customer Qualification – Learn more about customers as they engage at the point of sale to improve sales efficiency, enhance marketing efforts, and improve satisfaction.
  • Online Donations – Screen donors in real-time as they interact with your donation forms on the website.

Can I get all of the WE Data through the API?
Not all of it, but pretty close! We have two main tiers that you can choose from, Basic or Full. The Basic tier includes some base information, such as net worth, income, and contact information. The Full tier includes all of that plus more, such as connections, businesses, assets, and much more. For more information, check out the details on our API at our FAQ.

How does pricing work?
The API is metered based on calls to the server. We track usage and charge for that usage. This is based on returned profiles, not the total number of calls. So if there isn’t a match to our database, you don’t pay for that call. For detailed pricing information, contact us.

What are the key benefits?
There are many potential benefits, all of which will depend on your use case. But we’ve seen some main benefits, such as:

  • Targeted Advertising Opportunities
  • Enhanced Personalization
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Increased Conversion Rates

How do I get started?
We’re excited to share our WE API with you. As we mentioned, our API is completely self-service, so feel free to give it a try! Visit dev.wealthengine.com and register for the sandbox. Get in touch with our API Evangelist, who is dedicated to making you successful with the WealthEngine Platform, and explore ideas. With the WE API, the possibilities are endless!

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A Look Ahead

Free Customer Training | November 22, 2-3 PM ET
Speciality Searches | We will dive into CoreLogic, Newsroom, and PinPoint to show some of the additional tools available outside of our standard profile search options. Register Now

Free Customer Training | November 29, 2-3PM ET
WE Analyze: Basics | WE know you’ve got questions about one of our newest product. What is WE Analyze? How should you use it and, frankly why should you use it? This session will cover all of these points and is great for both current users of WE Analyze and current clients of other WE products who are simply curious. Register Now

Event | November 29, 4-8PM ET | Baltimore, MD
Salesforce Nonprofit Success Tour | Join WealthEngine and Aptaria as we host a Salesforce demo party for nonprofits. This #GivingTuesday event is an opportunity for nonprofits to learn more about how Salesforce can benefit your organization. Register Now

WE Webinar | December 7, 3-4 PM ET
A Wealth of Data: Major Donor Fundraising & Data-Driven Segmentation | Join us to hear how the Sierra Club is leveraging WE. Learn how WE data can enrich Salesforce contact records to enable major gift fundraising and segmentation. The Sierra Club will share how they search, screen, model, and analyze prospects, using WE data as the foundation for generating fundraising opportunities. Register Now

Looking for a refresher on FindWealth 8? Our training team is offering free monthly sessions focused on various topics around our platform including our ratings and scores. View the topics and register.

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Why an Open Platform Matters

We are excited to partner with Salesforce.org in its launch of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). As you have undoubtedly read through various blog posts or press releases, this is an exciting advancement in Salesforce’s offerings designed to help nonprofits further increase the impact on the communities they serve.

How Can Luxury Marketers Use Social Currency to Drive Business Results?


Do you know your customers? No, do you really know your customers? As a luxury provider, you may not know them as well as they know you. You’re used to delivering a personal experience to customers you’ve won over, but the only way to attract new customers is to really understand what makes them tick. And that means creating “social currency” with them.

Simply said, social currency is the stuff we talk about with our friends, colleagues, and family. In a marketing context, it concerns the extent to which we share a brand or information about a brand with others in our everyday social lives at work, home, or in virtual social networks.

One of the biggest challenges facing luxury marketers today is how to take social media beyond just another communications channel, and use it to drive bottom line results. Social currency provides the answer.  By creating social currency — that person-to-person buzz — marketers can support their objectives of:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Maintaining brand relevance
  • Improving customer experiences with their brand

Marketers can successfully drive the conversation and create more social currency by learning more about their customers and speaking directly to them. With big data, data analytics and strategic social media initiatives, marketers can now know more about their customers than ever before, and personalize communications to an extent never before possible. From purchase behavior to demographics to life style affinities, marketers can not only personalize the dialogue, they can also deliver the message in the channel that will get the best response.

As a luxury marketing professional, it is extremely important to understand the mindset of wealthy consumers, and that not all wealthy consumers are alike.  You must take into consideration both the demographic and psychographic profile of your clients. Most importantly, you must go beyond judgment into a deeper understanding of what makes your target audience tick.

The better you understand about what matters most to your customers and the better you can speak directly to those needs, the more social currency you will create. Social currency will deliver more brand awareness, brand relevance, and better customer experiences, which will drive bottom line business results and referrals.

If you’d like to learn more about using big data and analytics to get into the mind of your customers, check out our free ebook: The Luxury Marketer’s Guide to Engaging and Winning HNW Customers. This simple guide will show you how to understand your customers beyond their purchasing history and walks through the strategies that innovative luxury brands are using today to increase marketing and campaign effectiveness.

WealthEngine Launches On Demand Screening Solution for Websites

On Demand Screening gives fundraisers and marketers the ability to personalize outreach, qualify leads, and maximize opportunities by providing the wealth of individuals as they interact with an organization’s websites in real-time.

November 3, 2016 – Bethesda, MD – WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics, and audience development services has launched a revolutionary new screening solution for websites called WE On Demand Screening. Organizations will now be able to instantly learn the wealth of their web visitors in real-time as they interact with their site.

WE On Demand Screening provides organizations with increased options to improve the quality of their sales, marketing, and fundraising efforts. When the solution is implemented into a website, the wealth data and other attributes about an individual are provided when that person inputs their information into online web forms such as registration, purchase, or donation forms.

With this data in hand, organizations can take action many different ways:

  • Instantly screen online visitors so you can immediately learn a visitor’s wealth. Find the hidden millionaires.
  • Automate and streamline lead scoring and outreach processes by using wealth data as a qualifier.
  • Personalize the experience of your prospects based on their wealth or other factors to maximize potential opportunities.

WealthEngine’s screening data is the result of 20+ years of experience in wealth intelligence. The On Demand Screening solution is an essential component of any organization’s marketing or fundraising toolkit. The new solution delivers an integration between an organization’s website and the WE platform to perform real-time wealth screenings.

“People more than ever are engaging with organizations and brands online,” said Mark Logan, CEO of WealthEngine. “With WE On Demand Screening, our clients can be sure that they are never missing an opportunity again. With this solution, we empower our clients with the real-time insights they need to maximize the potential of their high-capacity prospects and personalize their visitors’ experience along the way.”

We offer tailored solutions for both marketers and fundraisers. For more information on these offerings please visit our site:

 About WealthEngine
WealthEngine™, Inc. is the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development and wealth intelligence services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands. Recently named a Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing by Gartner, marketers and fundraisers use WealthEngine’s comprehensive insights to understand what drives consumer decisions and when best to engage them. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit wealthengine.com.