Nonprofits: Are you Ready to Fail in 2016?


For every $100 in new donations nonprofits gained in fiscal year 2014 over the previous year, they lost $95 in lapsed or reduced donations.

-AFP 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey

Not many nonprofits think about going into a new calendar year in the framework of failure. However, lack of a clear plan and course of action at the end of 2015 is one of the best ways to ensure failure in the coming months.

Because up to 40% of annual revenue is donated between October and December in any given year, many nonprofit organizations expend tremendous effort and focus on activities within those months.

What happens when January 1 rolls over and all of the gift reconciliation is done?

It’s a mad dash to determine if you have the right course of action in place for Spring Appeals and fundraising efforts.

That’s why we created a new series: 8 Days to a Successful 2016.

We’ll cover the following over 8 days…

Determine Strategy: How does data drive your fundraising today and how should it in 2016? October 30
Submit data for appends: From demographic to wealth to lifestyle appends November 6
Personalize Your Ask: Find the top 10-20 individuals you need to talk to in Nov/Dec November 23
Determine Data Investments: Think about preparing your data for 2016 – spring appeal, major events, etc November 30
Stewardship and Donor Retention Gut Check December 30
Track and measure 2015 results January 11
Wealth screen and append year-end donors and those who were not screened prior to year-end. January 15
Build 2016 models off of 2015 data March 1

(Want to add these dates to your calendar as reminder? We’ll give you the tools to do so when you subscribe to the series below.)

A newly published article in Chronicle of Philanthropy urges nonprofits, “To make fundraising more effective, nonprofits [should] make incremental increases to their fundraising budgets, measure the return on those investments by gain and loss categories, and make additional investments based on those results.”

Becoming a proactive fundraising engine takes more than planning 1 to 2 months in advance.

WealthEngine can help you shift to being a more proactive fundraising organization and assist in your 2016 success, if you are willing to act now.

To get started, subscribe to our 8 Days to a Successful 2016  email series and we’ll take you step-by-step through the process we’ve honed over 15 years working with nonprofits. You’ll get tools, webinars and the option to set up calendar reminders to keep you on track.

Ellucian Helps Colleges and Universities Drive Student Success with Patent-Pending Higher Education Data Model

Ellucian, the leading global provider for higher education software and services, today announced a new, patent pending, data model for colleges and universities built to help evolve how they deliver on their mission by improving how data is shared. n The data model, which will integrate Ellucian solutions and partner solutions, culls data from various software platforms so that it can be transformed into a comprehensive, high-definition snapshot of the student and track progress from recruitment to career placement. This comprehensive view will enable higher education institutions to better understand and make use of data surrounding each student in an age of massive shifts in the higher education landscape.