WealthEngine Releases WE Prospect

WealthEngine, a provider of wealth intelligence, prospect research, and marketing services for nonprofits, healthcare, education, luxury goods, and financial services, has released a new prospecting solution, WE Prospect. Marketers, agencies, and fundraisers can now identify ideal targets with WE Prospect by creating ultra-segmented audiences using wealth, demographic, lifestyle, and personal attributes across a database of more than 210 million people in the United States.

Remembering Don Pyle


Like many people, our team was shocked when we heard that our friend and board member Don Pyle’s home was destroyed in a fire early last Monday morning. That shock turned to terrible sadness as we learned of the tremendous loss suffered by Don’s family. 

While I have only known Don for a few short years, from the very beginning, he was generous with his knowledge, experience and time.  When he joined our board in February of 2014, our whole team was excited to have him and his considerable talent in our camp. 

Over the years, it was obvious how important Don’s family was to him.  He was always either planning for, coming from, or going to an event with his wife, children or grandchildren. It is this strong bond with his family and the tragic shattering of this bond that saddens us the most.  We are better off personally and professionally for the time we had with Don. Our hearts and prayers are with his family at this time. 

— Tony Glowacki, WealthEngine CEO

WealthEngine Changes Landscape of Data-Driven Marketing with New Prospecting Product

WE Prospect lets users create ultra-segmented audiences with unprecedented ease and precision

WealthEngine, the leading provider of wealth intelligence, prospect research and marketing services for nonprofits, healthcare, education, luxury goods and financial services, announces the release of its new prospecting solution, WE Prospect. Marketers, agencies and fundraisers can now easily identify ideal targets with WE Prospect by creating ultra-segmented audiences using wealth, demographic, lifestyle and personal attributes across a database of more than 300 million people in the U.S., delivered with the speed and accuracy of an Internet search engine.

In the era of big data, WealthEngine has shifted the paradigm for prospecting for both marketers and fundraisers.  Rather than starting with a list of names that marketers must cull for the perfect customer, WE Prospect allows marketers to begin with their model of an ideal customer, then find the consumers that fit those attributes. This approach empowers WealthEngine customers to take a more accurate and focused methodology to prospecting, while consumers will now experience more personalized, meaningful communication from the brands that matter most to them at the right moment in time. The result is a win-win for marketers and consumers, and helps marketers achieve a higher ROI while delivering higher satisfaction to end customers.

“The adoption of data-driven marketing is widespread. And WE Prospect is what differentiates WealthEngine from the rest of the market,” said WealthEngine chief marketing officer Mike Lees. “WE Prospect uncovers who has the wealth and affinity to buy or donate and determines if now is the right time to engage. No other company can deliver these capabilities with the clarity and precision that WE Prospect achieves.”

WE Prospect provides sales professionals, marketers and fundraisers with highly relevant, actionable and cost-effective options for their prospecting needs, including:

  • WE Prospect for Salesforce: Salesforce users can leverage an easy way to find, understand and contact affluent prospects – directly within their existing Salesforce database.
  • WE Prospect for FindWealth8: WealthEngine subscribers can access real-time list curation and development as well as engage across channels with actionable contact info and optional online profile mapping – all within WealthEngine’s online platform.
  • WE Prospect Standalone: Customers can collaborate with WealthEngine to develop custom, highly-segmented audiences of high-potential prospects.

“As an industry leader in audience and wealth intelligence, WealthEngine is truly driving prospecting out of the Dark Ages,” said John Funge, senior vice president of product management at WealthEngine. “Through its modern, intuitive interface, WE Prospect provides users with a simple way to access unparalleled predictive insights into a prospect’s financial status and persona. Now marketers and fundraisers know more before they engage, thus driving efficiency, effectiveness and actionability.”

For more information on WE Prospect, join us for our upcoming webinar, “Introducing WE Prospect – Perfect Prospecting Made Simple” on February 3, 2015. See how it works, learn its capabilities, and join an exclusive Q&A with John Funge. By attending the webinar, you will also have an exclusive opportunity to register for a free trial ―allowing you to personally test drive WE Prospect & see how easy it is to target your best prospects.

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WealthEngine™, Inc. is a leading provider of audience intelligence solutions to customers targeting HNW clients in the healthcare, education, financial services and luxury markets. The company’s unique data-driven approach to analytics, prospecting, and marketing has transformed the sales, marketing and fundraising processes of more than four thousand clients. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.wealthengine.com.

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