LinkedIn Donor Prospects Older, Better Educated


When you hear the phrase “social network,” your first thought might be seeing another “Which character in Game of Thrones are you?” personality test that another friend has shared on Facebook. Add the work “professional” in front of “social network” and it might change your perspective completely.

Facebook and Twitter have their uses for nonprofits and so does LinkedIn, but in a much different way. LinkedIn provides more concise information — without all the personal stuff. People are likely to post their business and school information on LinkedIn — things that are helpful to research and fundraising folks making it a better option for prospect research.

Armani, Missoni discount for charity at Convivio Milan


Fashion brands are donating their merchandise for a cause at this year’s Convivio Milano trade show.

Convivio Milano, which ends June 17, sells the labels’ apparel at 50 percent off, with proceeds going to support Anlaids, an Italian organization dedicated to combatting HIV. By participating in this show, these brands have the opportunity to show their philanthropic side in good company.

“Selling luxury items at a  discount is a tricky matter,” saidJames Dean, vice president and head of the luxury practice at WealthEngine, Bethesda, MD. “Luxury brands are always in danger of diminishing their brand when they discount.

The New Audience of One


In a recent TravelWeekly article, Emmanuel Perrin, CEO of Cartier North America, was the first to say it: “Client care is the final frontier…You can’t go wrong investing in client experience… What is good for the client is good for the retailer and is good for us.” Today’s luxury buyer might not be so easily seduced, at least not by brands. Jim Taylor, vice chairman of the research firm YouGov, presented the findings of the Survey of Affluence and Wealth, conducted in partnership with Time Inc. And those findings were mixed at best for the audience of luxury CEOs and marketing executives from the fashion, automotive, jewelry, beverage, retailing and travel industries.

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