A Healthcare and Science College

12,000% Increase in ROI in Just One Quarter

A college with a focus on healthcare and science aimed to identify existing donors in their database and develop their cultivation efforts. They used WealthEngine to engage donors and prospects on a deeper level. 

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The Goal

The college wanted to take a data-driven approach to engaging donors and prospects in order to maximize the ROI of fundraising.

WealthEngine's Solution

By performing wealth screenings, WealthEngine was able to help the college identify and segment their donors. This further enabled them to prioritize the team’s prospecting and cultivation efforts to focus on improving their ROI report.

Their Result

Once the college utilized appends and screenings to sort their donor base, they were able to close a $2M commitment in one quarter which resulted in an ROI of 12,000%. There was a 5% increase in instances of volunteerism.

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