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For more than two decades, WealthEngine has provided wealth intelligence solutions to help fundraising, marketing and business development professionals create strategies to extend their reach and build their prospect pipeline.

Find Buyers Not Leads

WE predicts who are your best buyers, donors or investors and gives you the insights you need to understand what drives their decisions. Our unique data takes the guesswork out of sales, marketing and fundraising, so you can engage with people most likely to buy, invest or donate--and you don’t waste time on the ones who won’t.


WE adds our data to what you already know, so you get a full picture of your audience


WE helps you find lookalikes in your own customer base or in our database.


WE builds ultra-segmented audiences and connects you with them online and offline

Wealth Scores

WE develops scores that accurately predict someone's wealth and their ability to spend

Predictive Analytics

WE Analyze puts the power of our predictive lead scoring and analysis platform at your fingertips


WE develops processes and strategies that turn data into a competitive tool

Great Data

WE finds, acquires, cleans, normalizes and simplifies wealth, lifestyle and interest data


Combine 20+ years of wealth knowledge, the best data science ever and a huge amount of data – you end up with insights and opportunities no one else can find.


We’re data scientists, so you don’t have to be. WE provides actionable insights and easy-to-use solutions, all integrated into the way you work.


It’s about dollars not data. Sure WE starts with data, but together we build real solutions so you can reach your revenue and fundraising goals.

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