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“Picking out potential planned gift donors can be a big challenge. With the added information from WealthEngine, such as age and income, targeting planned gift donors was made much easier.”

- Joyce Grand, Director of Operations, House of Ruth

Whether you’re working for a cause, trying to move public opinion, or supporting a political candidate or organization, you need to have a full pipeline of donors and prospective donors that share the passion—and have the money—to fund your organization’s mission.

That’s where WealthEngine comes in. We can help you drive your fundraising efforts by using prospect research to effectively tap your wealth networks, cultivate and steward  your most valuable and likely donors. Our unique formula combines wealth and affinity so you get comprehensive insight into your prospects.

With over 20 years of experience and a collection of hundreds of wealth attributes, we offer proven solutions across Analytics, Research, Prospecting and Consulting, to help you develop an effective fundraising strategy and maximize your results.

  • Analytics: Get transformational insight on your donors and prospects, so you can focus your cultivation efforts on your highest value prospects.
  • Research: Get a complete picture of the wealth attributes of your current and future donors.
  • Prospecting: Broaden your donor base and drive results with targeted prospecting lists and integrated marketing services.
  • Consulting: Apply powerful insight & advice to all of your fundraising strategies. Consultants provide dedicated attention so you hit your goals from start to finish.

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