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Celebrating 81 years of caring for our community, Indian River Medical Center is an award-winning 335-bed not-for-profit hospital centrally located on Florida's east coast.


“WealthEngine expands the capability of our staff,” says K. Murray Fournie, Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving at the Indian River Medical Center Foundation. “At a hospital, your best opportunity to build a relationship with a prospective donor is when your services are being used or have just been used. We are using WealthEngine to help us not to miss these moments of opportunity.”

Fournie started working with WealthEngine about six years ago. He has a background in computer systems as well as fundraising, so he had a natural inclination to want to use an automated computer system to enhance his organization’s development efforts.  

“It was smart business from my standpoint. Dozens of patients are admitted or treated each day, but there are three or four who might make a difference in the future of the Medical Center," he notes. "If I know which patients have the ability, I know with whom to work on building a relationship. WealthEngine identifies my greatest opportunities for major gifts.”

Each day, a list of admitted patients, as well as those who have visited the emergency room or outpatient services, is drawn up and automatically sent to WealthEngine. Overnight, WealthEngine screens the list and then sends it back. Typically, according to Fournie, the list might include 50 or so admitted patients and 100+ Emergency Department patients.  

Of this list, half would have WealthEngine profiles. And, of these, three or four would have truly significant financial capability; one of which would be a brand-new prospect for the medical center.  Of those seen in the emergency room, 40% would have WealthEngine profiles available, three or four would have truly significant financial capability, and two or three would be brand-new prospects for the hospital.

Fournie also finds that hospitals have an opportunity with patients to recreate themselves – either in a good way or bad way.  Fournie explains, “Care is, and should be, the same. Customer service is where we can make the difference.  WealthEngine screenings make sure that we don’t miss opportunities with key prospects.” By identifying key prospects in a timely fashion Fournie can arrange for a volunteer to go by to visit these patients during their hospital stays.

“The bottom line is that WealthEngine services expand the capabilities of our staff,” continues Fournie. “Then, because of the better philanthropic return on our time, the increased contributions allow our hospital to continue to improve patient care.”

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