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Simply put, if you don’t have WE, you’re missing opportunities. At WE, our people find data specific to the UK through 13 broad-ranging sources. And then we give you insights that no one else can. How? Because we don’t just source, aggregate and display data. We’re a Big Data company. We integrate and normalise huge amounts of data from all kinds of sources. Then we apply data science to extract the proprietary insights that help you find, engage, and retain customers. Are you finding your highest potential major gift donors? Are you using parameters such as wealth, disposable income, and propensity to donate to identify them? With data sources exclusive to the UK, WE will help you identify all the critical attributes to profile your best donors, including real estate values, philanthropic and political gifts, business information and biographical profiles, so you can align your tactics and focus on individuals who are most likely to give. Unlike any other solution, WE delivers an integrated approach that enables you to grow and retain your best donors, find the best prospects, and execute a comprehensive action plan to drives results. And unlike any other solution we can also give you access to potential US donors with insights on over 120m US households.

Beyond Data. Beyond Insights.

Our products are just the start. Our mission is for you to achieve your fundraising and marketing goals so we supplement our products with professional services that can help you get there.

The WealthEngine data enabled us to focus our approaches more strategically. We could approach fewer donors, but have better overall outcomes. Without the WealthEngine data we would not have been able to achieve what we did.

I knew strategically we needed a mid-level giving programme, and while we were deciding to review the database again for major donors, it made sense to go deeper; to look at the whole constituency.

"Implementing the use of WealthEngine for prospect research at the Royal School of Church Music resulted in a 75% increase in voluntary giving."

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