Wealth Scores for Luxury Markets


When you need to know: Who are my best customers and prospects?

Analytics allows you to draw conclusions and make informed decisions so you can effectively target those prospects with the greatest potential.

Get actionable insight on your customers and prospects so you can build effective marketing and business development programs. Analytics are useful to not only identify your best customers, but to uncover those individuals who may show potential for additional business. Use this insight to segment and prioritize your customers and prospects at every level, targeting them in your marketing efforts from the high-end down to lower-level offerings.

A Proven Approach to Wealth Intelligence

Ratings & Scores

Through the FindWealth 8 platform, WealthEngine provides the most accurate and sophisticated scores available, so you can:

  • Segment clients and prospects for marketing activities
  • Uncover net worth prior to in-person meetings
  • Enhance your own understanding of your best clients
  • Gain a powerful understanding of your customers and prospects so you can speak directly to their needs

Wealth Insight Scores

  • Net Worth
  • Total Assets
  • Cash on Hand
  • Propensity to Give (P2G)

Wealth & Lifestyle Elements

  • Household Income
  • Real Estate Value
  • Travel
  • Interests
  • Life Events
  • Social Media
  • Vehicle
  • Demographics
  • Health
  • Technology

Purchase History

  • Buying Activity
  • Spending Patterns
  • Behavior


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