Predictive Analytics & Modeling for Luxury Markets


When you need to know: Who are my best customers and prospects?

Analytics allows you to draw conclusions and make informed decisions so you can effectively target those prospects with the greatest potential.

Improve your service offering, increase average client spend, and target your most qualified prospects with a WealthEngine Predictive Analytics & Modeling solution. Predictive Analytics & Modeling provide for a systematic understanding of your customers by identifying exactly who they are, where they live, their net worth, real estate holdings, income, spending patterns, lifestyle, demographics and more.

Using predictive modeling techniques such as logistic regression, cluster analysis, decision trees and other advanced statistical methods, WealthEngine enables you to understand your customers and identify the best prospects that look exactly like your top customers.

Models can be built using data on your current customers, prospects and/or third party lists, or can be developed using WealthEngine’s Prospect Generator to find like individuals.  Results can be combined with Custom Prospect List Services to give you a targeted prospecting list that’s ready for action.

Analytics Process

Use Predictive Analytics & Modeling to:

  • Segment and rank order customer base
  • Find new prospects that mirror your most profitable customers
  • Identify new prospects with connections to customers, using Circle of Friends Analytics
  • Save time and money by focusing on top prospects
  • Apply data-driven strategy to all of your marketing efforts
  • Maximize your business development success with standard and custom training, as well as consulting support

Models Available

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation
Identifies distinct customer profiles and target segments in order to achieve a better understanding of your customers. One tool used for customer segmentation is clustering. Clustering analysis identifies distinct customer profiles and segments customers based on these shared characteristics.

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling
Predicts the likelihood of a prospect having the characteristics of a top customer and identifies look-alikes, or prospects with similar characteristics as your top customers.


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