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Introducing FindWealth 8 for Luxury

Easy, Fast & Powerful Wealth Intelligence

As you look to distinguish your brand and grow your luxury business in today’s challenging market, you need a unique approach.  Wealth intelligence allows you to demonstrate a deeper understanding of your target audience, so you can be more precise and focused in reaching them with the right message and the right promotional offers.

Now FindWealth 8 makes it easier and faster, allowing you to systematically understand your customers and prospects –their wealth, personal and professional interests, lifestyle, business and family. Use this insight to uncover new sales opportunities, increase customer retention and gain a competitive edge while deploying marketing resources more effectively.

 FindWealth 8 gives you comprehensive, reliable information in seconds.

  • Identify and profile your top customers
  • Uncover opportunities to sell additional products and/or services to existing customers
  • Discover prospective customers with connections to current customers
  • Segment and prioritize business development efforts on highest value prospects
  • Execute targeted marketing campaigns and sales promotions
  • Maximize marketing ROI

Use FindWealth 8, for online wealth intelligence, when and where you need it.

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