WealthEngine for Salesforce – Commercial Package


When you need to know: What can I learn about my customers and prospects?

In-depth, contextual information helps you better understand each of your prospects so you can cultivate deeper relationships and uncover new business opportunities.

With the growing popularity of salesforce.com as the platform of choice for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the WealthEngine for Salesforce - Commercial Package enables financial services institutions and investment advisors to achieve operational efficiency, access timely and accurate information and easily segment and prioritize prospects based on their wealth profile.

The integration is available from AppExchange, salesforce.com’s cloud computing marketplace. The integration provides an easy-to-use interface for direct access to timely wealth intelligence, with sophisticated features to store updates or changes to the prospect’s profile.

Salesforce Commercial Package

Enhance prospecting and improve client retention with WealthEngine for Salesforce:

  • Be prepared and fully informed going into a meeting with a key prospect
  • Identify High Net Worth individuals, based on geography or certain wealth attributes
  • Leverage Wealth Scores to prioritize prospecting efforts

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