Circle of Friends Analytics for Financial Services


When you need to know: What can I learn about my customers and prospects?

In-depth, contextual information helps you better understand each of your prospects so you can cultivate deeper relationships and uncover new business opportunities.

Circle of Friends gives you access to an exponentially broader network, with visibility into the social, professional and philanthropic connections of your customers and prospects. It’s a continuous online referral pipeline without the awkward discovery conversation.

Circle of Friends Analytics is an analytical process that identifies the attributes that best fit your top customers and then determines similar attributes among your customer’s professional and social connections. We apply WealthEngine’s wealth, business, family and lifestyle criteria on each of your client’s connections to identify and rank the best prospects for you to target. The result is a highly targeted list of prospects that often have the affluence and interests to be your next top customer, coupled with a direct relationship to an existing customer.

Use Circle of Friends Analytics to:

  • Identify connections
  • Create an Inner Circle
  • Easily track who knows whom
  • Put the results to immediate use in your marketing campaigns

Once you have used Circle of Friends Analytics to identify your top prospects, leverage WealthEngine research and analytics solutions for deeper insight.

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