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When you need to know: What can I learn about my customers and prospects?

In-depth, contextual information helps you better understand each of your prospects so you can cultivate deeper relationships and uncover new business opportunities.

Monitor your current and prospective clients’ business, social, philanthropic and other newsworthy activities. Included in FindWealth, Dialog NewsRoom allows you to set up news Alerts to go straight to your email, so you’ll be the first to know when your client or prospect is making news.

Dialog NewsRoom is the largest global news source available in the industry today. Covering 11,000 leading newspapers, business magazines and newswires from all regions of the globe, Dialog NewsRoom is comprised of abstracts and full text records from the world's leading:

  • Trade, business and scholastic journals
  • Local newspapers
  • Regional business publications
  • National and international business newspapers
  • Industry newsletters
  • Broadcast transcripts
  • Corporate news releases

You can also search hundreds of news sources simultaneously because the sources are grouped together for unparalleled depth, breadth and precision search and retrieval. Find the information you need — first, fast and accurate.

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