Digital Marketing Services for Financial Services


When you need to know: How can I find more prospects just like my best customers?

Leading tools to build your sales pipeline and thoughtfully expand your reach.

Digital Marketing services allow you to leverage the results of a custom prospect list to build a powerful web presence that reaches your target audience. Using state-of-the-art IP targeting and remarketing strategies, we can help you target the right people for your online advertising campaigns.

  • Build a powerful interactive online marketing strategy and web presence that ensures your brand is top of mind when the prospect is ready to buy
  • Target the right people for online advertising and email campaigns
  • Stay engaged with your target audience and present them with highly relevant ads and offers
  • Identify targets based on interest categories, common demographics, affluence, life stage, political affiliation and purchase intent attributes
  • Use with email campaign services for maximum impact

The Digital Marketing Process

  • Places a cookie on users who visit your site and then serves ads to them as they visit other websites
  • Reinforces connection with someone who's already expressed interest in your organization, product or service.
IP Zone Targeting
  • Use IP address zones to deliver the most relevant message to each of your defined universes
  • Reaches nearly 100% coverage for the United States
  • 77% more accurate than targeting through zip codes


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