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3 ‘Must Know’ Tips to Win New Clients with Email

3 Must Know Tips to Win New Clients with EmailThere are currently almost 15 million millionaires in the United States. There’s an expected 10 million new luxury consumers each year. 

You do the math. 

There’s a vast audience of potential customers but not everyone has the same capacity and affinity to buy your products and services. That’s the hard part. Best of breed luxury marketers learn about their current customers and build a look-alike target audiences. 

By working with luxury brands, big and small, we’ve built a strategy that works. Learn more about our 3 ‘Must Know” Tips {link} to target your highest potential customers...

5 Tips to Engage Affluent Facebook Users

Engage Affluent Facebook UsersThere is no such thing as definitive best practice for Facebook Ads. It is a constantly evolving marketplace and like any digital campaign what works and what doesn’t is not always intuitive. But here are some tips to get you started: 

  1. Segmentation Matters - the most critical element of a Facebook campaign is targeting. The smaller the segmentation and the more relevant the call-to-action, the higher the performance. There are many tools to do this, including Facebook's Custom Audience and Lookalike tools, but remember, while these tools give a lot of granularity on attributes, they do not segment by wealth, income or propensity to spend. Tools like WealthEngine can supplement Facebook's audience profile data with wealth intelligence, allowing you to engage directly with audiences that not only have affinity to your brand, but can afford your offering...

10 Best Practices for Effective Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an essential component of a successful sales and marketing strategy – it is relatively inexpensive, has immediacy, can be personalized and allows for testing and experimentation of messaging.  In short, it is a great way to engage and build relationships with customers.   But to create, execute and optimize email campaigns you must pay attention to the details. 

To help you avoid some common pitfalls, we’ve put together our top 10 tips along with some interesting supporting stats...

The New Audience of One

New Audience of One

In a recent TravelWeekly article, Emmanuel Perrin, CEO of Cartier North America, was the first to say it: "Client care is the final frontier...You can't go wrong investing in client experience... What is good for the client is good for the retailer and is good for us."

Today's luxury buyer might not be so easily seduced, at least not by brands. Jim Taylor, vice chairman of the research firm YouGov, presented the findings of the Survey of Affluence and Wealth, conducted in partnership with Time Inc. And those findings were mixed at best for the audience of luxury CEOs and marketing executives from the fashion, automotive, jewelry, beverage, retailing and travel industries. 

The Evolution of Luxury in 2014 & Beyond

The world of luxury continues to evolve. Luxury consumers have shifted their mindset …and their wallet. We experienced the shift from a community where Affluents wanted to be noticed to more of a sense of community where value and personal worth takes precedent. As noted in A Tale of Two Markets: A Global Perspective on Affluents and the Business Elite, the mid-2000s boom was marked by a shared sense of what luxury meant – the imagery of yachts, private jets, and classic (if sometimes ostentatious) brands was pervasive. With the recession, luxury evolved, becoming more idiosyncratic and self-defined, more intimate and personally-meaningful. It became less about the logo and more about what the logo meant to the individual. Luxury also became more subtle and understated, and value became a key theme, with messages such as “heirloom-quality” having strong appeal. Mobile devices became the new “mass” luxury, and morphed luxury expectations more generally, particularly regarding minimalist design and practical utility. New expectations became layered on top of older ones, rather than replacing them. 

Survey of Affluence and Wealth

Survey of Affluence and Wealth

Time Inc. and YouGov recently released findings from their latest Survey of Affluence and Wealth to over 200 luxury marketers at the 2014 Luxury Summit.  This is the ninth year of the survey, and trends are indicative of a maturing affluent consumer.

The survey for the first-time included data from 11 countries in addition to the 1,700 within the top 10% of income earners in the U.S., and covers issues ranging from lifestyle goals and economic trends to shopping and brands...

The Top 10%: Where’s the Tipping Point for Digital Media?

Shullman - Luxury, Affluence and Wealth PulseThe latest Shullman Luxury, Affluence and Wealth Pulse answers a frequent question and addresses a common challenge amongst luxury marketers—Which advertising channels are the Top 10% most likely to engage with?

Millionaires (those adults with $1 million net worth or more--who represent about 10% of all adults or about 20 million adults) have different buying behaviors, product preferences, and media habits when compared to the average adult...

Trends in Luxury Marketing: A CEO’s Perspective

Butterfield & RobinsonI had the opportunity to talk with Norman Howe, President of luxury experiential travel retailer Butterfield & Robinson recently about trends he’s seeing in the luxury travel field.  While Howe is focused specifically on the travel market, these trends present challenges and opportunities across all industries serving the ultra- and high-net worth consumer...

Marketing Gets Real (-Time)

WealthEngine Acquires BrightContextWe’re very excited about this one!  This week we announced our acquisition of BrightContext, a company that for the last few years has led the market in helping business people make sense of large volumes of real-time data. 

Big Data is by no means a new phenomena, but recently it has hit something of a “trough of disillusionment” as companies that were excited by the promise it held, face the realities of garnering real insight and presenting that insight to their employees in ways that make a difference.  And that is why the combination if WealthEngine and BrightContext is so interesting...

Concierge Marketing – Know Your Customers Before They Are Customers

Mike LeesI am a marketer, so I have the same priorities and hear the same trends as you ….. “use more data, segment, personalize, optimize”.   But this can all feel a little distant and hard to grasp when we are putting together that next campaign, or go-to-market strategy.   So (as I was taught) I decided to look at this from the consumer perspective….how can we make this notion of data-driven personalization more tangible? 

It turns out I have a pretty strong perspective here.  I travel a lot (and I mean a lot – I have some pretty uniquely colored loyalty cards in my collection), I stay in some nice places (and also some not so nice places when the WealthEngine budget demands).  As a result of all of this, I am a rich target for a lot of high end travel-related prospecting...