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Five Ways to Use Data and Analytics to Increase Your Relevancy and Add Value to Your Fundraising

Five Ways to Use Data and Analytics to Increase Your Relevancy and Add Value to Your FundraisingWith the explosion of data and analytics in use in nonprofit environments, it’s no surprise that more effective methods of identifying and segmenting donors and prospects are emerging.  With the use of analytics, and the appropriate sourcing of relevant and accurate data, nonprofits can know more than ever before about their donors and other constituents, and can more accurately target passionate supporters for acquisition...

“If We Build It, They Will Come”: The Magical Thinking Syndrome

Three years into a stalled capital campaign, an arts nonprofit finally engineered bond financing in order to build the facility that the then-executive director and the board were determined to have.  A consultant was hired, changes were made, but despite all that, the campaign wasn’t completely successful.  Now, with the building built and five years out from the campaign, the organization is saddled with bond debt and the board has decided (apropos of nothing) that another campaign is called for – to retire the bond debt from the first campaign.

When do you think the last time the development office did a full screening of the organizational database?  Eight years ago, because the board won’t authorize money in the budget to do so...

CEO Speaks: Practical Fundraising Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

Tony Glowacki

Everyone is talking about “Big Data”.  You hear about it at conferences, read about it in the news, or even see TV commercials about it.  You might be tempted to think that big data is too abstract of a concept to be of use in your fundraising program, or that it will only be useful for large companies or organizations that make major infrastructure investments.  But here’s the secret – big data is a practical tool that organizations of any size can make use of today to help them fundraise more efficiently and effectively, so they can raise more money to support their mission.

WealthEngine Releases New Segmentation Solution – SmartSegments

SmartSegments Example

WealthEngine developed a new segmentation solution to help clients pinpoint their best prospects.  Developed for both the non-profit and commercial sectors, SmartSegments provide individual and household-level segmentation and clustering, across 24 categories, 67 groups and over 200 individual segments, to help you better identify prospects and drive growth...

Product Tip: Stay in Tune with Your Prospects and Donors Using Newsroom

FindWealth Online NewsroomNewsroom is a great tool for tracking your prospects and donors within a specified region and to create news alerts related to major donors, individual prospects and local companies.  The news alerts you receive, via email, will highlight major philanthropic gifts donated to like organizations, key executive hires, and other news related to the personal charitable giving of your prospects and donors...

WealthEngine Institute Forges Ahead with More Content


WealthEngine Institute continues to publish comprehensive resources to help achieve your fundraising and prospect research goals. We hope you’ve discovered our most recent publication, Measuring Fundraising Return on Investment and the Impact of Wealth Intelligence.  This seminal fundraising publication is essential reading for...

Partner Profile – Easy-Ware

Easy-Ware and WealthEngineWealthEngine and Easy-Ware have an established partnership that offers a complete solution to help fundraising professionals identify, profile, and track their best donors for every fundraising campaign...

Staff Profile – Zara Schiavo-Campo

Zara Schiavo-Campo

Meet WealthEngine’s Senior Production Specialist, Zara Schiavo-Campo. Zara has been with WealthEngine since 2005, and is currently part of our Batch Team (Production).  Her primary focus is working with incoming client data; which may require formatting and cleansing prior to screening.  She also assists with appends and custom deliverables, monitors incoming files, workflow and turnaround times, and maintains lines of communication with vendors...

Big Data Drives Holiday Strategies

Big Data Drives Holiday StrategyThis holiday season, customer-centric brands have an opportunity to up the ante for their consumer shopping experiences with an ace in the hole: Big Data.

The emergence of new structures for rich data allows for the unprecedented ability for brand marketers to truly deliver highly personalized, one-to-one e-commerce experiences. As we know, today's consumers are pros at ignoring mass media and listening only to what they want to hear. But, with access to and effective use of Big Data, brands can enhance consumer experiences with contextual relevance that allows for engagement at precise moments when customers are most persuadable. Applying contextual relevance to digital customer experiences is often overlooked by marketers, yet it can make all the difference in delivering value propositions that get to the heart of a customer's buying criteria...

Creating the Next Generation of Philanthropists

Next Generation of Philanthropists

When my children were young, I established a tradition once they were old enough to receive an allowance.  Each had three jars on their dresser.  They had to divide their allowance into thirds.  One jar was for saving, another for spending and the third for giving.  They could give at church or to a local charity they were interested in.  Little did I know that this was a very important, but simple, ritual.

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