When you hear the phrase “social network,” your first thought might be seeing another “Which character in Game of Thrones are you?” personality test that another friend has shared on Facebook. Add the work “professional” in front of “social network” and it might change your perspective completely. Facebook and Twitter have their uses for nonprofits and so does LinkedIn, but in a much different way. LinkedIn provides more concise information — without all the personal stuff. People are likely to post their business and school information on LinkedIn — things that are helpful to research...
Fashion brands are donating their merchandise for a cause at this year’s Convivio Milano trade show. Convivio Milano, which ends June 17, sells the labels’ apparel at 50 percent off, with proceeds going to support Anlaids, an Italian organization dedicated to combatting HIV. By participating in this show, these brands have the opportunity to show their philanthropic side in good company. “Selling luxury items at a discount is a tricky matter,” saidJames Dean, vice president and head of the luxury practice at WealthEngine, Bethesda, MD. “Luxury brands are always in danger of diminishing their brand...
The Salesforce.com Foundation today announced Salesforce1 for Nonprofits, new solutions built on the Salesforce1 Platform to transform the way nonprofits manage programs, engagement, communications and fundraising. In addition, Salesforce1 for Nonprofits is extended with solutions from Salesforce.com Foundation partners including roundCorner, Storybank and WealthEngine, all available today on the Salesforce1 AppExchange for Nonprofits. The Salesforce.com Foundation brings the world's leading cloud, mobile and social solutions to more than 22,000 nonprofits, including City Year, Sierra Club, Teach For America and the United Nations Foundation.
There are many ways to get rich. You can work on Wall Street or launch the next big tech startup. But one time-honored path to wealth is to marry into money. To make that a little easier for New Yorkers, we found the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for finding single millionaires. Marketing intelligence service WealthEngine provided us with data on unmarried Manhattanites with net worth of at least $1,000,000.
Many organizations turn to cross-pollination marketing, which leverages two brands to help customize and personalize the marketing experience for customers. Specifically, cross-pollination refers to the innovation and spark that is created by bringing fresh eyes, distinctive perspectives and common goals together. In order to most effectively use cross-pollination marketing, companies must also incorporate data analytics to ensure that they are appropriately targeting both existing and potential customers and creating partnerships that make sense to reach them.


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