Ask your average consumer three simple questions: Do you dislike spam? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” Do you like personalized consumer experiences? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” Are you willing to give up a certain amount of personal information so vendors can personalize engagements with you? Typical answer: “Errrrrmmmmm... ” And there’s the rub. You can’t have it all.
One of the most challenging tasks any sales or marketing professional deals with is creating campaigns that resonate with prospects, driving greater sales. Analyzing customer data from a contextual standpoint by quickly adding in new data sets, modifying searches, queries, and identifying new patterns in prospect data is the catalyst that drives new business. The enhancements announced today to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud have the potential to get sales and marketing closer to that goal. As our marketing team faces these challenges, I decided to give the latest enhancements a test drive.
Big changes have been afoot at WealthEngine , the Bethesda-based wealth and marketing analytics company. The 15-year-old company has recently brought aboard a whole new management team, including new CEO and President Mark Logan , who joined the company in February 2015 and previously served as COO for Boston-based Emptoris before it was acquired by IBM. Also new in the past year: Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lees , Executive Chairman Bobby Yazdani and Chief Financial Officer Dawn Orr . The company has a focus on identifying affluent donor prospects and potential customers for its client...
LVMH-owned Champagne maker Dom Pérignon is inviting consumers to walk along the vineyard path of monk Dom Pierre Pérignon through a tasting experience at its French spirits atelier. Atelier Dom Pérignon is a new program offered by the Champagne house that invites consumers to The Abbey of Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers in the heart of the Champagne region of France. Inviting consumers into the “ancestral” home of a brand fully immerses attendees in a storied heritage and offers a degree of transparency that branded events held elsewhere cannot provide.
Hello, marketers! It’s that time of year again — you know what I mean, when the birds are a-chirp, the pollen is high, and the coolest of the cool emerge from their cabanas and give the world a full-throated hiya. We here at Gartner for Marketing Leaders Data-Driven HQ were hard at work in 2014 and early 2015, culling through nominees, isolating claims, evaluating startups and some more established players on that ineffable spectrum of Coolness that can only be summed up in the satisfying phrase: We know it when we see it.


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