The Washington, D.C. area has quietly become home to a growing cluster of rising data analytics companies and startups. Over the past several years, the development of data analytics technology has become a trending topic nationally—with investors, entrepreneurs and a variety of companies from different industries looking for ways to make their businesses more efficient. And this tech deserves the attention it’s receiving.
All businesses need a constant influx of sales leads and a strategy to make them pay off. Such leads are fuel for companies. Tips on getting and turning those prospects into dollars... went live today with plenty of buzz, but its long-term viability is questionable. The well-funded e-commerce website offers consumers an alternative to Amazon for seemingly all of their online shopping needs. Industry watchers are fascinated with the new player for two chief reasons. First, there's founder Marc Lore, who also launched Quidsi, the parent company of and, before selling it for $545 million to Amazon in 2010. The second reason centers on whether or not his business model can survive over the long haul.
Ask your average consumer three simple questions: Do you dislike spam? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” Do you like personalized consumer experiences? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” Are you willing to give up a certain amount of personal information so vendors can personalize engagements with you? Typical answer: “Errrrrmmmmm... ” And there’s the rub. You can’t have it all.
One of the most challenging tasks any sales or marketing professional deals with is creating campaigns that resonate with prospects, driving greater sales. Analyzing customer data from a contextual standpoint by quickly adding in new data sets, modifying searches, queries, and identifying new patterns in prospect data is the catalyst that drives new business. The enhancements announced today to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud have the potential to get sales and marketing closer to that goal. As our marketing team faces these challenges, I decided to give the latest enhancements a test drive.


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