For anyone unfamiliar with WealthEngine , think of it as an app for finding wealthy patrons. While there are sites out there geared towards finding true love with millionaires, WealthEngine is more about identifying potential donors. It works just like a modern dating app; you can refine your searches based on location, age, gender, giving history, and then search WealthEngine’s database of 300+ million individuals for a potential match...
Traditional in-person experiences are still essential for reaching the wealthy baby boomer market, according to a new report by WealthEngine and Forbes Insights. Baby boomers generate nearly half of the United States’ after-tax income, an amount of $3.6 trillion, and overwhelmingly prefer in-person to online purchases for all luxury products and services except for travel. Although much is made by marketers, brands and researchers alike about the significance of reaching the millennial consumer in digital spaces and according to her preferences, the boomer must not be forgotten.
Today WealthEngine and Forbes Insights released the report "Engaging 50+ Consumers in a Digital World: How Luxury Brands Earn Trust Through Online and Offline Channels" highlighting the marketing potential and best practices for luxury brand marketers to reach and win the business of wealthy 50+ consumers. Luxury marketers who exclusively focus customer acquisition strategies on Millennials or who shift outreach exclusively to digital channels are missing opportunities of gaining the market share of a still powerful customer segment – Boomers.
Ellucian, the leading global provider for higher education software and services, today announced a new, patent pending, data model for colleges and universities built to help evolve how they deliver on their mission by improving how data is shared. n The data model, which will integrate Ellucian solutions and partner solutions, culls data from various software platforms so that it can be transformed into a comprehensive, high-definition snapshot of the student and track progress from recruitment to career placement. This comprehensive view will enable higher education institutions to better understand and make use of data...
The Washington, D.C. area has quietly become home to a growing cluster of rising data analytics companies and startups. Over the past several years, the development of data analytics technology has become a trending topic nationally—with investors, entrepreneurs and a variety of companies from different industries looking for ways to make their businesses more efficient. And this tech deserves the attention it’s receiving.


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