An overwhelming 93 percent of baby boomers do not feel loyal to their favorite brands, according to a new report by ICLP. With emerging generations such as millennials getting a lot of marketers’ attention, baby boomers feel neglected by the retailers they interact with, a sentiment that could cause them to stray. In the United States, this generation holds 70 percent of all disposable income, making marketing to this age group a strategic priority for luxury brands. "Many retailers are guilty of overlooking and not adequately recognizing and rewarding baby boomers," said Phil Seward, regional...
A struggling luxury real estate market, especially for metropolitan areas like New York, Miami, Hong Kong and London, continues to impact the global economy. With "asking prices" falling and "days on market" rising, the luxury market's top performers are seeking innovative approaches to attract buyers for current listings and market their services to prospective clients.
We are excited to partner with in its launch of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). As you have undoubtedly read through various blog posts or press releases , this is an exciting advancement in Salesforce’s offerings designed to help nonprofits further increase the impact on the communities they serve.
The business landscape is in extreme flux and as a developer, I’m loving it. We’re seeing the old guard try to reinvent themselves, while new competitors are attempting to outpace them. Competition is at an all-time high. There are innovations and opportunities to use APIs to develop cool new apps in various areas ranging from Chat-Ops to Biz-Ops to No-Ops.
For anyone unfamiliar with WealthEngine , think of it as an app for finding wealthy patrons. While there are sites out there geared towards finding true love with millionaires, WealthEngine is more about identifying potential donors. It works just like a modern dating app; you can refine your searches based on location, age, gender, giving history, and then search WealthEngine’s database of 300+ million individuals for a potential match...


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